4 Free-To-Play Casual Games You Can Enjoy During Your Lunch Break

Yay, more casual games!

Cover image via Fayburrow (Steam) & Hamster Playground (Steam)

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Stressed? Anxious? Want to take a break by playing a quick, casual game?

If your idea of relaxing is opening up your laptop and gaming, but you don't know if there are any games out there that don't make you yell in frustration or rack your brain trying to figure out the storyline, then you've come to the right place.

Here are four free casual games to play whenever you want to chill out for a while:

1. Hamster Playground (2022) — Train your hamsters to win races against other players in this early access game

In Hamster Playground, you get to train cute little hamsters to race against others, up to four players. As one review eloquently said, it's a game about "cute little hamsters shaking their butts".

Since it's early access, there are still more modes to come once the game is fully launched.

Image via Steam
Image via Steam

Download Hamster Playground here and watch the trailer below:

2. Jivana (2022) — Play as a water priestess embarking on a journey to save her community

If you've ever wanted to become a 'water bender', Jivana is for you. In this game, you play as Aelis, who can manipulate water to overcome obstacles in this atmospheric story-driven, adventure platforming game. The gameplay takes up to 40 minutes to finish.

Image via Steam
Image via Steam

Download Jivana here and watch the trailer below:

3. Fayburrow (2022) — Return to your mysterious hometown in this fairy-filled world to reunite with your missing friend

In Fayburrow, you play as Detective Beatrice, with the help of her fairy Lu, who is called back to her hometown by her dear friend, Agnes, only to find out that she is missing. Interact with the villagers and find clues to Agnes' whereabouts.

This visual novel game is perfect if you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good storyline to beautifully-composed music. The gameplay takes around 30 minutes to finish.

Image via Steam
Image via Steam

Download Fayburrow here and watch the trailer below:

4. Beavers Be Dammed (2018) — This two-player, co-op game allows you to become beavers and do heists together with a friend

Can't be 'dammed' to legally get wood for your precious dam? Play as a beaver in Beavers Be Dammed with a friend in this local co-op game where you have to perform crazy heists under timed quests. What part of this is relaxing, you may ask. The answer is: cute beavers. That's it.

Image via Steam
Image via Steam

Download Beavers Be Dammed here and watch the trailer below:

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