This Website Has Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming State Elections

From important dates to live updates on the results, and everything in between!

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ICYMI, MyUndi is a one-stop portal for you to get all the updates and information you need about elections in Malaysia

Introduced by REV Media Group (RMG) back in 2018 during GE14, the portal is available 24/7, and provides real-time updates, as well as news stories, videos, infographics, and more.

During GE15, MyUndi garnered more than 50 million page views, and was ranked fifth place in the Top Trending Searches in Malaysia for the year by Google. This is no doubt a testament to the site's efforts in providing comprehensive information throughout the election period, right up until results day.

With state elections (PRN23) coming up soon, you can count on MyUndi to tell you everything you need to know, from important dates to results and everything in between

The six states going to the polls are Selangor, Kedah, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Kelantan, and Terengganu.

With its user-friendly interface and innovative tools, MyUndi aims to empower citizens by providing them with real-time information, engaging content, and convenient access to election-related resources.

The portal has three unique features that set it apart from other platforms:

- Suara Kita: A dedicated section which provides an opportunity for all citizens to voice their opinions and ideas for the future of Malaysia.

- Wiki page: Where users can access a vast collection of articles covering all aspects of the state election. From candidate profiles to party manifestos, voters can access comprehensive information to gain a deeper understanding of the political landscape and make informed choices.

- Language toggle button: To cater to the diverse linguistic needs of Malaysians, users can seamlessly switch between English and Bahasa Malaysia to access content in their preferred language, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all citizens.

Take note of these key dates for PRN23:

29 July: Nomination Day
The day when candidates officially declare their candidacy for PRN23. MyUndi will provide up-to-date information on the list of candidates and their respective constituencies.

8 August: Early Voting/Postal Votes
Citizens who are unable to vote on election day can cast their ballots through early voting or postal votes. MyUndi will offer guidance and updates on this process, ensuring that voters are able to conveniently exercise their right to vote.

12 August: Election Day
The most crucial day of PRN23. MyUndi will provide live updates, polling station information, and election results as they unfold, empowering Malaysians with real-time information and enabling them to actively participate in shaping their state's future.

MyUndi is also committed to promoting civic engagement and amplifying the voices of Malaysians during PRN23

As part of their efforts, the portal encourages the use of the following keywords and hashtags to facilitate discussions and drive awareness:

- Main keyword: PRN23
- State keywords: PRN23 Selangor, PRN23 Kelantan, PRN23 Terengganu, PRN23 Penang, PRN23 Kedah, PRN23 Negeri Sembilan
- Hashtags: #prn23, #prn23kelantan, #prn23terengganu #prn23penang, #prn23kedah, #prn23negerisembilan

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