This Responsible PayLater Solution Helps Malaysians Stretch Payments By Up To 6 Months

Enjoy more financial flexibility by paying with the Boost app online or in-store!

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Imagine this: Payday is a few weeks away, but you've come across a limited-time-only online sale with major discounts that'll help you save significantly in the long run. What do you do?

Under normal circumstances, you would have to forgo the opportunity since you don't have spare cash on hand, especially for those without credit cards, living from hand to mouth, from paycheck to paycheck.

However, with PayLater solutions, you can flexibly manage your cash flow to take advantage of that online sale. So, it's not a surprise that 17% of Malaysians are reported to have used PayLater options and 46% are planning to use it again.

This is where Boost PayFlex™ comes in.

Boost PayFlex now allows you to stretch payments by offering up to six-month instalments nationwide

Image via Boost

Introduced by Boost, a Malaysian homegrown fintech leader with regional presence across Southeast Asia, Boost PayFlex is one of the most comprehensive and wide-reaching PayLater solutions available in the market.

Accepted in-store at over 1.8 million DuitNow QR merchants nationwide, Boost app users can use this PayLater solution throughout Malaysia to stretch their QR payments via instalments of up to six months.

Not only that, Boost PayFlex can also be used to add money to the wallet balance on the Boost app, thus extending the PayLater option for all in-app transactions.

This includes in-app bill payments across over 50 billers (Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Indah Water, CelcomDigi, Astro, etc.) via BoostBills, online shopping with Lazada and Shopee, food delivery with Foodpanda, and so much more.

What's great about Boost PayFlex is that it offers users a Shariah-compliant financing solution that also promotes responsible spending

Being mindful of the current gaps in the PayLater market, where there's an increasing trend of missed repayments among other players, Boost is committed to implementing responsible financing practices.

As a regulated and trusted fintech champion with years of extensive experience serving the underserved market segment, Boost ensures that customers are offered controlled and Shariah-compliant PayLater credit lines that are personalised based on individual affordability assessments.

Additionally, all fees and repayment schedules are also clearly outlined upfront to help customers make informed decisions. This way, customers that use Boost PayFlex are safeguarded against excessive debt burden, contributing to a more stable financial ecosystem, benefitting both consumers and the broader economy.

You can make full use of this feature and stretch your ringgit, while stretching your payments

Beyond providing greater access to flexible payments through Boost PayFlex, this PayLater solution also helps you to maximise the utility of your funds.

For every ringgit spent using Boost PayFlex, users will earn up to three Boost Stars, depending on their BoostUP rank. These Boost Stars accumulated are essentially 'as good as cash' because they can be redeemed for additional savings and rewards.

In exchange for Boost Stars, users can enjoy up to RM10 direct discounts per bill via 'Pay With Stars' on BoostBills, up to RM210 'Partner Wallet' cash vouchers for petrol, groceries, and online shopping on the BoostUP Rewards Catalogue, and more*.

Not only that, Boost is also offering a slew of promotions for even greater savings. From now until 28 April 2024, Boost PayFlex users that complete the "Misi Raya Boost" under Boost Missions will stand the chance to be one of the five grand-prize winners of the R1 Blueshark smart electric scooter, as well as the 10 weekly winners of RM100 Duit Raya Boost Wallet voucher and Raya rewards package worth over RM100*.

Image via Boost

Additionally, from now until 30 April 2024, new Boost users who activate their Boost PayFlex will earn a RM10 cashback (limited to the first 100,000) in the form of a Boost Wallet voucher with a minimum spend of RM150*.

New Boost PayFlex users who spend at least RM150 via the three-to-six-month PayLater options will also be further rewarded with 10,000 Boost Stars*. This promotion is limited to the first 1,000 redemptions, on a first-come-first-served basis, so don't miss out — participate now!

Here's how to apply for Boost PayFlex in three easy steps:

STEP 1: On the Boost app, tap on "Boost PayFlex"

STEP 2: Select "Apply Now" (Make sure you've completed your e-KYC authentication beforehand by upgrading to Boost's Premium Wallet account, for free)

STEP 3: Key in your details and submit your application

For more information on Boost PayFlex, click here.

That's not all! If you're a CelcomDigi user, you can enjoy even greater access to Boost PayFlex via the Beyond Card.

Image via Boost

If you don't already know, it is the first global prepaid card with PayLater in Malaysia, which has unprecedented acceptance across Mastercard's over 100 million merchants worldwide, both online and offline.

What's unique about the Beyond Card is its innovative function of enabling users to opt for pay-now or PayLater transactions for up to three months (with a six-month PayLater option coming soon for the Beyond Card), powered by its built-in Boost PayFlex feature.

In addition to the benefit of earning Boost Stars when using the PayLater function, the Beyond Card also offers a diverse array of deals, as it is the first card in the region to provide Mastercard Travel Rewards.

Some of the online shopping offers available are cashbacks for Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Nike, Adidas, lululemon, Charles and Keith, Michael Kors, and Swarovski, among others.

Additionally, users that successfully apply for the physical Beyond Card from now until 30 June 2024 will earn a free Inside Scoop ice-cream (one scoop), in the form of a Partner Wallet voucher on the Boost app.

Image via Boost

Whatchu waiting for? Apply for the Beyond Card now on this website.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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