Samsung Malaysia Releases Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition With Puffy Case & Cute Crayon Stylus

It retails for RM799 and comes with kid-friendly accessories.

Cover image via Yang Canggih

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Samsung Malaysia has introduced the Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition

Designed to provide children with a safe and enriching digital environment, the Kids Edition tablet also offers peace of mind for parents through advanced parental control features.

It retails for RM799 and even comes with kid-friendly accessories.

The Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition is designed to be a safe and enriching platform for children to learn, explore, and create

Featuring an 8.7-inch vibrant display and 5,100 mAh battery, it offers an immersive viewing experience with engaging educational content tailored for young learners.

Parents can take advantage of the parental control feature to manage screen time effectively, helping their children maintain a healthy balance between digital and offline activities, while also safeguarding them from accessing inappropriate content.

Image via Yang Canggih

The Samsung Kids app comes pre-set within the Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition, allowing parents to create profiles for each child and personalise their settings

With this feature, parents can set specific screen time limits, restrict access to certain apps, and monitor online activities. For example, they can ensure their child spends only an hour on gaming apps each day or block access to social media sites.

Additionally, the app provides built-in safe browsing and a curated app store, allowing children to explore the Internet safely with age-appropriate content vetted by parents and educators.

Image via Yang Canggih

Moreover, the Samsung Kids app offers a wide range of engaging content, including educational games and interactive stories, all within a secure environment.

Parents can further enhance their child's learning experience by customising the app's interface, adding apps tailored to their interests or skills related to thinking, science, and maths. They can even personalise the app's background with their child's favourite colours or photos from the gallery.

The Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition comes with a Crayon Stylus, Kids Puffy Case, 15W Travel Adapter, and Kids Sticker, collectively worth RM300

Image via Yang Canggih

This special edition items are only available from 1 April onwards (while stocks last), providing parents with additional value and peace of mind when purchasing the Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition for their children.

Click here to find out more about the Galaxy A9 Kids Edition.

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