Samsung Wallet Is Coming To Malaysia In A Few Weeks. Here's Why You Should Be Excited

Galaxy fo' life.

Cover image via Samsung/Tom's Guide & Samsung/The Guardian

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Samsung is introducing Samsung Wallet in eight new international markets, and one of them is Malaysia. Woohoo!

Image via CK Yeo/Unsplash

According to Samsung Newsroom, this move seeks to rapidly expand the availability of Samsung Wallet, bringing the platform to more potential users.

The seven other markets include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and Taiwan.

If you didn't know, Samsung Wallet is a platform that enables Galaxy smartphone users to organise digital keys, boarding passes, identification cards, and more — in just one, easy-to-use and secure mobile application

Think Apple Wallet... but Samsung.

It's also protected by defense-grade security from Samsung Knox, which helps safeguard users' private data through fingerprint scanning and encryption. This ensures that only device owners can access their information.

If you're a crypto investor, you can make use of the Galaxy ecosystem that's integrated with Samsung Blockchain Wallet to easily monitor cryptocurrencies.

The Samsung Wallet also provides a refined interface that galaxy owners can use as a one-swipe access to their payment cards, loyalty and membership cards, and more

You can also benefit from Samsung Pass through the Samsung Wallet, which is a feature used to securely store passwords. It also enables users to quickly and easily log into apps and services instantaneously.

If you own any smart home devices that are integrated with Samsung, like SmartThings, you can use the wallet app to lock and unlock your doors at home. Cool gilerrrr!

Image via Samsung

And that's not all. Samsung Wallet also supports digital automobile keys on selected BMW, Genesis, and Hyundai models, letting users lock and unlock cars, start engines, and more.

Samsung's partnership with Korean Air allows Korean Air boarding passes to be stored in Samsung Wallet for easy access, making it simple and convenient to board a flight.

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