Shopee Malaysia Is Discontinuing Withdrawal-To-Bank ShopeePay Feature Indefinitely

Users will still be able to use the DuitNow Transfer to withdraw their ShopeePay wallet.

Cover image via Alia Kamelia/SAYS & Wikimedia Commons

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Shopee Malaysia just announced that it will be discontinuing its withdrawal-to-bank feature indefinitely

ShopeePay was initially introduced to its users as a way for them to have a more convenient method of payment when shopping on the platform. It was also included as an official e-wallet participant in this year's ePemula programme.

Among its many features, users are also able to withdraw any amount in their ShopeePay wallet to their connected bank account

This is provided that they have verified their National Identification Registration Card (NRIC). Then, it will take one to three working days to process the transaction.

However, this withdrawal feature will be discontinued starting 14 October

The feature will be discontinued effectively from 14 October, so this means that users will still be able to transfer their ShopeePay wallet amount to their linked bank accounts within the next nine days. However, users will still be able to use the withdrawal feature until 13 October.

Here's how to withdraw:

*Before you proceed with the withdrawal, you will need to verify your Shopee account first:

  1. Go to your ShopeePay account settings and click IC Verification.
  2. Fill in the details as per your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) or passport.
  3. Upload your NRIC/passport document with a clear photo of you holding it.
  4. Wait for verification within 24 hours. 

Once you're verified:
1. Go to your ShopeePay.

2. Click on 'Withdrawal'.
3. Choose a bank account linked to your ShopeePay.
4. After entering the amount to transfer from your ShopeePay, you will be directed to the confirmation page and required to enter your ShopeePay pin.
5. Then, your fund transfer will be processed within one to three working days.

Nevertheless, there are still other ways you can transfer your ShopeePay wallet amount to your bank account

This year has seen a significant rise of unauthorised fund transfers, causing Bank Negara Malaysia to instruct all financial institutions to upgrade their security to prevent their users from being victims of scams.

Even so, ShopeePay users will still be able to transfer their wallet amount using the DuitNow transfer feature to all banks and e-wallets that are part of DuitNow.

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