Malaysian Gamers To Pay Up To 42% More For Games On Steam

Why are we here? Just to suffer?

Cover image via Steam & The Edge Markets

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Steam just updated their price range for games on Steam and gamers in Malaysia will soon face a 40% increase in price among other countries

Image via SteamDB

The currencies that will not be affected by this sudden price increase are the US Dollar, Costa Rica Colon, Israel New Shekel, Kuwaiti Dinar, Singapore Dollar, and U.A.E. Dirham.

However, for Malaysia, we may face a 3% to 42% increase in the price of the games we buy. The pricing will be against the US Dollar ($).

The lowest price point that will impact us is a game priced at USD1.99. It will see an increase of 3% from RM5.50 to RM5.69, while the highest price point is a game priced at USD34.99 that will see an increase of 42% from RM59 to RM84.

Previously, Steam's pricing plan has always followed beyond exchange rates by taking purchasing power and consumer price index (CPI) into account

Steam has recommended developers to consider consumers' purchasing power and CPI when pricing their games, in order to ensure affordability across the games offered.

However, due to the looming inflation, they have recently taken steps to increase the prices of the games on the popular gaming website.

This means that games rated triple A (or games from major publishers) that are usually priced at USD69.99 will cost RM155 from RM115 in a 35% increase.

If you like to play games, tell us how you feel about this price increase in the comments!

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