Tesla's First Batch Of Cars Set To Arrive In Malaysia In Less Than A Week

You might receive a call soon if you ordered a Tesla Model 3 earlier this year.

Cover image via InsideEVs & @mortenlund89/Twitter

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Tesla's popular sedan, the Model 3, is finally arriving on Malaysian shores

If you placed an order for the upgraded Tesla Model 3 "Highland" model earlier in September, chances are you might be receiving your car very soon.

The first batch of Tesla Model 3 vehicles is expected to arrive this weekend, on 25 November.

Image via Arcoche

A vehicle carrier loaded with the electric vehicles (EVs) is scheduled to arrive soon

As reported by China News, the Japanese-registered ship named "Procyon Leader" departed from Shanghai's Nangang Terminal on 19 November, carrying 1,200 Model 3s and various other EVs, including those from brands like MG.

According to ship's tracking information, the vessel will reach Port Klang, Malaysia, on 25 November.

The Model 3 "Highland" will be the first model officially delivered by Tesla in Malaysia

Although reservations for the larger Tesla Model Y were opened in July, the actual deliveries are scheduled for early 2024.

Tesla Malaysia has allowed customers to modify their orders without forfeiting the non-refundable RM1,000 booking fee for those who chose to make changes.

Image via TorqueCafe

Customers who have ordered the Model 3 have shared on social media that Tesla has reached out to them

Several future owners have reported on social media that Tesla Malaysia has contacted them to discuss the delivery of their vehicles. This implies that there will be a group handover event for the initial batch of Tesla Model 3 owners.

In contrast to conventional car brands, Tesla  typically delivers their vehicles to a designated location.

Consequently, individuals in different states will need to make their own arrangements and incur additional expenses if they prefer to have the electric vehicles delivered directly to them.

The shipment will arrive at an opportune moment for soon-to-be Malaysian Tesla owners

Tesla has recently launched their latest Supercharger station at Freeport A'Famosa, Melaka.

Meanwhile, Tesla owners in Selangor will be able to supercharge their cars at the Petaling Jaya Supercharger station in Sunway Pyramid.

The Supercharger network in Malaysia is growing rapidly, with a total of 20 Superchargers available throughout the country.

Image via The Star

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