Viral Video Shows How Highways In China Use Lasers To Keep Sleepy Drivers Alert

The lights are meant to relieve drivers of the visual fatigue they tend to endure along long stretches of straight roads.

Cover image via @gunsnrosesgirl3 (X)

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In China, road authorities have come up with a peculiar method of getting tired drivers to stay alert — lasers

A video that was recently shared to X by @gunsnrosesgirl3 showed bright flashing lasers playing out in the sky above a highway, believed to be the Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway in Northeastern China.

Throughout the 17-second video, bright and colourful lines formed by lasers could be seen being projected in intervals from a distance, cutting through the darkness of the night sky. Even through a screen, it was obvious that the light beams were visually arresting and perhaps even quite jarring.

In a follow-up tweet, the original poster explained the reason for the laser light show

"A video captured on the Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway displays vibrant laser lights hovering above the vehicles," the user said in the post.

"Mr Li, the person behind the camera, reported that these laser lights designed to combat fatigue quickly revitalised him and reduced his exhaustion during a prolonged nighttime," she added.

In the comments, reactions towards the laser lights ranged from impressed to incredulous

Some of them commended China for being innovative in trying to solve the problem of accidents caused by unalert drivers, with some even venturing to explain that this particular expressway was one frequently used by long-haul truck drivers who typically work on very little amounts of sleep.

Others were less convinced by the approach, saying that such distracting displays might prove to be more harmful in the end.

Image via @kiki88801 (X)

A few also felt sceptical of the method, asking whether or not it was backed by actual science. 

While it may all seem a little bit over the top, these lights may very well be an effective solution after all

According to a report by Today Online, these bright laser displays were actually put in place by the Shandong Highway Traffic Police after several intensive field tests and public surveys.

Supposedly, the primary way these lights work is by relieving drivers of the visual fatigue that they may tend to endure along long stretches of straight roads, and providing them with intermittent visual stimulation.

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