"Stop Reducing Women" — Malaysian Actress Claps Back After Being Ridiculed As A Divorcee

"If the biggest 'problem' with me is that I was once married, I think I'm doing okay."

Cover image via @ameliath (Instagram)

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Malaysian actress, television host, and model Amelia Henderson has had a long career in the local entertainment industry, appearing in multiple works throughout her tenure

However, her appearance in the spotlight has made her a target for unwarranted comments and unfair treatment from certain members of the public.

In a tweet that has since racked up over 1.5 million views and 12,600 likes, Henderson quote tweeted a post by another user who had some unflattering things to say about the actress.

The initial tweet was posted by a fan of Henderson's, who complimented the television host after finding out that she is a member of Mensa International, the oldest and largest high-IQ society in the world, with an IQ score of 180.

"She's beautiful, hilarious, talented, a great conversationalist, AND a genius? QUEEN ENERGY! She's my new girl crush," the fan stated. 

However, the gracious tweet was soon overshadowed by another Twitter user, who responded to the fan in Bahasa Melayu with, "and she's a divorcee," using the word janda instead.

Screenshot of the tweet directed towards Henderson.

Image via @ameliath (Twitter)

"If the biggest 'problem' with me is that I was once married, I think I'm doing okay"

Responding to the Twitter troll, Henderson stated that if the biggest issue with her is her history of divorce, she is okay with that. Continuing on in a subsequent tweet, Henderson also mentioned how she hates the word janda.

"Can we stop reducing women by describing us by our relationship status in 2023? I am an award-winning actress, model, host, producer, and dancer, with 27 years of experience. Janda is the most disrespectful and uninteresting way of describing me," she wrote.

In response to a now-restricted tweet by one of her other fans, Henderson also opined that while getting married is a beautiful thing, it should not be regarded as an achievement.

"Women who chose not to be married or with past marriages that haven't worked out, are not less because they haven't 'achieved' marriage. Do not let society EVER pressure you to settle down if you're not ready," Henderson added.

Garnering massive support on the platform, many Malaysians came to Henderson's defence and support

Most users just wrote, "Louder!" inciting their support of Henderson's response to the Twitter troll.

"Louder Amelia! You're representing all women's voices, too!" wrote one user.

Image via Twitter

In regards to the word janda, multiple Twitter users debated the use of the actual word, with most saying that there is a stigma behind it

"I had one friend who degraded people [when he] introduced a girl to others, saying 'she was once married'. The best part is, nobody asked or knew in the first place. I'm not sure what his intention actually was, it was very disrespectful. Third class mentality," penned one user.

Another person added context to the use of the word, saying that while the word janda itself is not necessarily bad, the sentiment behind it is what makes the word carry negative connotations.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

When addressing Henderson's subsequent tweet about marriage, multiple Twitter users stated that while many may differ in opinion on this matter, the most important thing is to respect one another's perspectives

"Someone might consider marriage as an achievement. I do respect them, however, it's unfair to pressure others with the same thoughts," they added.

In a quote tweet that was retweeted by Henderson herself, independent journalist Ushar Daniele stated her take on the matter, advising people to not force themselves into marriage out of societal pressure.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

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