We Can Never Forget These 20 Memorable Moments From Seventeen's Second Concert In KL

'Oh My', the boys were too 'Beautiful' and they made us 'Clap' so much!

Cover image via SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN made their way to KL for their 'Ideal Cut' tour and we were so excited to see them live again!

Back for their 'Ideal Cut' tour with new songs and hairstyles, the 13-man K-pop group SEVENTEEN returned to Malaysia to perform for the second time and it's safe to say that most Carats are not over it.

MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) was packed with Carats and they were geared up with their Carat Bongs, lightsticks, headbands, and banners to welcome the boys.

Here were some of the most memorable moments of the show:

1. Even before the concert began, Carats were giving away free merch and helping each other get to the venue

Not to mention the fanchants and sing-alongs the Carats were doing before the boys even showed up on stage.

2. The boys on stage for the first song was already a 'Highlight'

3. Carats were giving 'Thanks' already at this point for the amazing stage presence of the boys

4. Hoshi finally admitted he is a princess when the boys were introducing themselves

"I'm your princess," he said and we agreed.

5. When the boys asked us to jump with them and Hoshi said he could see who wasn't jumping despite his small eyes LOLLL

6. Leader S.coups explaining that the 'Ideal Cut' finger sign meant the coming together of Seventeen and the Carats awwww ❤️

7. A new remix and Wonwoo even cursed?! 'Un Haeng II Chi' more like 'Un Haeng II CHILL'

The hip-hop unit cranked it up a notch with 'Un Haeng II Chi' and 'Sukyeo'

8. Of course the vocal team just had to make us cry with 'Habit' and 'Pinwheel'

9. The adorable finger hearts when the performance unit were performing 'Swimming Fool'. We weren't fine after this!

10. Two words: 'Jam Jam'

11. Heart-eyes when they came out in their bongbong outfits


Same, boys. I'm 'Thinking About You' too.

12. Joshua and Vernon performing the English version of 'Rocket' with no dancers

"To infinity and beyond!"

13. 'Oh My!' was the only way to describe the atmosphere and stage presence of that perfomance

Pretty sure most Carats screamed their lungs out during the fanchant for this song.

14. A sudden freestyle rap battle with Minghao vs. Seungkwan featuring Princess Hoshi

15. "You know? You = NO," Dino said to Seungkwan after their intense freestyle dance battle

As you can see, Seungkwan broke a string on his costume. He is expected to get a scolding from the stylist.

16. "We have bad news. This is... the last song." Also, this is proof that Hoshi is the hyper one

17. The new remix of 'Clap' had all the Carats speechless

18. This whole performance was a 'Healing', even though Woozi got "attacked" by the other members

19. Their goodbyes... I'm not crying, you are T__T

The Chinese line even spoke Mandarin and wished Malaysians a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 

20. It ended with an 'AJU NICE' finale! They even played a prank on us... twice

Woozi's soulless 'meoya ottoke':

The trendsetter Wonwoo and his dance moves:

Mingyu bumping into Minghao:

Prank #1:

Prank #2:

BONUS: Carats are laughing at how the organisers tell the members apart!

Thank you for the amazing night, Seventeen! We can't wait to see you again soon

Let us know what were your favourite moments of the night in the comment section below!

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