Delivery Riders In China Praised For Taking Turns To Babysit Restaurant Owner's Baby

Delivering kindness.

Cover image via @来福炸串•Sweet 柘城店 (Douyin)

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A group of food delivery riders have become unlikely babysitters, taking turns looking after a restaurant owner's child during a peak period

CCTV footage captured the heartwarming moment, which took place on 27 June at around 10pm at a fried skewers restaurant in Henan, China.

In the video, an infant can be heard wailing and moving restlessly in a stroller, while delivery riders can be seen filling into the restaurant, waiting to pick up their orders.

The infant's mother rocks the stroller in between cleaning tables and serving orders.

Then, the mother pulls the stroller towards a delivery rider and asks for his help to rock her baby's stroller.

Without any hesitation, he agrees.

The delivery rider patiently rocked the baby's stroller for as long as four minutes while waiting for his order to be ready.

When his order is ready to be picked up, the delivery rider leaves, but another delivery person immediately takes over

In the video, as many as five delivery people look after the baby, each taking over whenever someone has to leave.

Restaurant owner Mr Zhu said he and his wife were very moved by the delivery people's help

He told local news outlets that his two-month-old daughter was usually looked after by her grandmother, but she had to return to her hometown and could not babysit his daughter.

So, the baby was in the restaurant while Zhu was busy frying skewers in the kitchen and his wife tried her best to comfort her crying baby at the front of the store.

"[The delivery riders] just continued to look after the baby. They were all very understanding and took over without any discussion," he said.

One of the delivery riders in the video, named Shao, shared that they were all familiar with Zhu.

"Their business has always been bustling, and they are also very kind to us riders. They prepare some cold drinks for us every day. Seeing that the owners were so busy, we were happy to help comfort the baby," he said.

This simple act of kindness and camaraderie went viral on social media shortly after Zhu shared the video on his Douyin account

The delivery riders were praised for their actions.

"I have three children at home, and I know how difficult it is to raise children while running a business. Let love fill the world," a netizen wrote.

Image via Douyin

"Everyone who came in took one look at the baby and regarded her as their own family. They were simply used to it," another netizen said.

Image via Douyin

Zhu said he didn't expect the video to go viral, but he took this chance to thank the delivery riders for their help.

"It was very busy today. I had to answer calls from dozens of newspapers and media. This relay of love should be worth learning. The store is also much busier than usual. I would like to express my gratitude to all the brothers and sisters in the video. With your support, I will work harder to live up to expectations, maintain an optimistic and positive attitude, and keep going. Let's keep it up!" he commented.

Image via Douyin

On June 30, eight delivery workers who took care the restaurant owner's baby were each awarded with 500 yuan (about RM324) and honoured as "loving riders"

Image via 奔流新闻

The local office of Meituan, a shopping platform that offers delivery services, also gifted the eight delivery riders with certificates and flowers.

A spokesperson for Meituan said that they hope that these eight riders would serve as an example to encourage more people to pass on their love and help others to the best of their ability in their daily work.

Watch the full video here:

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