Hardworking Duck In Grab Diapers Spotted Following GrabFood Delivery Guy To Work

More hardworking than some people we know.

Cover image via @denniscaag20 (TikTok)

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A duck has been spotted following its owner, a GrabFood delivery guy, to work in the Philippines

In several viral TikTok videos, the duck is seen wearing a GrabFood 'diaper' while waddling near its owner, 'helping' to deliver and collect food.

Several people have spotted the bird walking through malls, waiting at restaurants, and even standing by its owner's motorbike while he loads food into his delivery bag.

Never far from its owner's side, it appears that the bird has become quite the talk of the town

In the videos, the duck attracts quite a bit of attention from passersby who seem surprised to see it casually waddling around.

But does it care? Nope. It's a completely unbothered king just taking its assistant job seriously.

Watch some videos of it below:


We thought nung una, nakawala lang somewhere sa one ayala. Yun pala kasama ni kuyang grab driver tong pato na to na nakauniform din ng pang grab! HAHAHAH cuteee sumasideline na rin sya sa hirap ng buhay #grab #cute #fyp #grabfood #grabfoodph @GrabFood PH #duck

bounce (i just wanna dance) - фрози & joyful

Speaking of 'hardworking' animals, here are a few other cuties doing their best:

You can even get a pet delivery outfit for your own furry buddy:

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