Pets' Grab Delivery Outfit With Bag Available 'Coz It's About Time They Pay For Some Bills

Vet bills are not cheap.

Cover image via shazreenzuhairi/Shopee & Shopee

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We love our pets and will do anything for them — but if only they could chip in a little for the bills though, amiright?

Perhaps now we can be passive aggressive 'pawrents' by getting them these adorable delivery rider outfits. For fun, of course.

A store on Shopee is selling KFC, foodpanda, 7-Eleven, McDonald's, and Grab delivery outfits for your pets. 

Image via Shopee

The outfits are being sold individually for RM39.99, or with their own matching delivery bags for RM69.99

According to the listing's description, they are suitable to be worn by both dogs and cats. Each one comes in sizes S, M, and L. 

Here are some customer review photos:

Image via Shopee

Now we can pretend that our furry buddies hustle a little and contribute to the household

Asian parenting done right.

Image via ainan276/Shopee
Image via ainan276/Shopee
Image via eros0906/Shopee
Image via Shopee

You can buy any of the outfits here

During the pandemic, one hardworking dog went viral for 'bringing home the bread' as times were tough:

Jokes aside, what will we do without our most prized treasures? They truly make our lives better:

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