Guy Wears Bed & Face Mask To Fashion Show And I Think I Found My New Work Outfit

Stole the show.

Cover image via @tommycashworld (Instagram)

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Some days, you just don't wanna get out of bed. But you do anyway and put on an outfit that requires minimal effort from the top pile of your unfolded laundry that screams "I don't care, but I care enough to not get fired today."

Well, this guy? He couldn't give a sh*t.

During Paris Fashion Week 2023, which took place over the past few days, one dude rocked up in an outfit that has stolen the spotlight.  

Tyga and Avril Lavigne were some of the celebrity guests, but nobody really paid attention to the new couple 'cause of the person sitting two seats away from them who was dressed in... a bed

His name is Tomas Tammemets and he's an Estonian rapper, better known as Tommy Cash.

While some can say they rolled out of bed to get to the show, Tommy didn't. He just well... showed up. Or at least that's what he wants us to think. 

Throughout the short video he posted on his Instagram, the singer can be seen 'sleeping' next to South Korean hip-hop artiste Simon Dominic, donning a face mask at some point and later, two slices of cucumbers on his eyes for added props.

Here's the video he posted with a caption, "Sorry I'm late I slept in":

Despite sitting among other popular celebs, Tommy appears to have gained quite a bit of attention online

You might not be able to wear a bed to work, but maybe these comfy 'outfits' could help:

There are no limits with fashion:

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