Creative Hermès-Inspired Mandarin Peel Sandals Go Viral & My Ovaries Are Screaming

Want a baby just so I can make them wear these.

Cover image via เหยื่อการตลาด ทาสโปรโมชั่น (Facebook)

Y'all. These 'baby sandals' made out of Mandarin orange peels are the cutest thing you'll see today.

Photos of little chubby feet wearing these creative Hermès-inspired sandals recently went viral

On 12 February, MarketingBait, a Thai marketing agency, posted the photos on Facebook and they've garnered over 29,000 shares since.

Inspired by Hermès Oran sandals, which cost a whopping RM2,700, the orange peel versions are clearly a fraction of the price

Image via Hermès
Image via Hermès

In the comments section, people shared 'smol' versions on their own babies

Thai Instagrammer @toasted_elvis shared with SAYS that he recreated these for his kitties:

I can't. I just can't.

Here are other ways people have made bougie outfits on a budget:

Not too long ago, Hermès released a fancy mahjong set made out of leather:

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