26-Year-Old M'sian Receives RM52,000 Rolled Up In Cash From Her Sister For Her Birthday

It took her a week to disassemble before she took the money to a bank.

Cover image via @viviantong9960 (Instagram) & YES LAH (Facebook)

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A woman was stunned to received an extravagant gift of RM52,000 rolled up in bundles of cash in the form of a cake from her younger sister for her 26th birthday

Vivian Tong, the older sister, told SAYS that she did not think she would receive such an amazing surprise.

"When I received the 'money cake', I was amazed and delighted," said the woman, who, according to her Instagram bio, is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of a health and beauty product company, Kireina International.

Coco, the younger sister and co-founder of the same company, decided to surprise Vivian with the lavish gift to show her love for her "favourite sister"

In one of her Instagram posts, Coco said Vivian is her only sister who is related by blood, so she must give her the best.

"Although sometimes we quarrel..." Coco joked in the caption.

The reason behind the RM52,000 gift is because it resembles 520 — a number that has become synonymous with "I love you" in Mandarin. 

When the party ended, Vivian revealed they had to disassemble the nine-tier cake as it was too tall to be transported back home

"When I got back home, I had to take it apart one by one," she said.

Since the notes were bound by tape, she had to ask for her family's help to take the cash apart.

The whole process took them nearly a week before she could take the RM52,000 to the bank.

The post garnered much admiration, and netizens started tagging loved ones when the sisters' photos were shared in a Facebook group

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

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