Man Goes All Out Before MCO And Spends RM62.80 On A Single Plate Of Nasi Kandar

This guy is goals af.

Cover image via Amjad Anas Mohd Yusoff (Facebook)

Before being forced to stay at home due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), a man decided to go all out and order a pricey plate of nasi kandar

On Facebook, there's a group dubbed 'Nasi Kandaq Hunters' where people are welcomed to share their favourite spots and interesting nasi kandar adventures.

One man's particular sharing managed to grab people's attention and since 12 January, it has garnered over 4,400 likes and 1,100 comments.

In the post, Amjad Anas Mohd Yusoff wrote, "Tomorrow is MCO. The mamak at Kg Melayu forced me to go eat anyway. Hit a personal record!"

He spent a whopping RM62.80 on a single plate of nasi kandar.

Photos show that his plate was filled with squid, prawn, and other miscellaneous items we can't really make out.

The receipt indicates that he had the meal at Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu in Penang.

The total amount displayed was merely the price of the plate of nasi kandar and excluded the cost of drinks or other menu items.

Many netizens joked that his plate is a true display of wealth

One person said, "Now this is truly T20," referring to income groups in Malaysia where T20 represents the top 20%. 

Image via Facebook

Another user commented, "This is what people mean when they say someone is 'rich' in terms of food, he took prawns and squid without hesitation. Congratulations, sir."

Image via Facebook

When someone jokingly called Amjad a member of the noble class, he replied by saying that he isn't a nobleman and he only wanted satisfaction.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, others commented on the amount of 'lauk' on his plate.

Guess it was just not their cup of tea, or should we say, plate of rice.

A user asked, "Are you just eating side dishes?"

Image via Facebook

Another person commented, "Where's the rice?"

Image via Facebook

"This isn't nasi kandar, this is lauk kandar," someone joked.

Image via Facebook

Regardless of what anyone thinks, you sir, have earned our respect!

We salute anyone who could finish that massive plate of delicious food.

Image via GIPHY

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