'Money Heist' Troop Shows Up At Penang PPV To Steal Smiles, Not Vaccines

La Banda di bandar.

Cover image via @iliyapengyou (TikTok)

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A troop of Money Heist 'thieves' recently showed up at what appears to be a vaccination centre at Ixora Hotel, Penang

On Monday, 6 September, TikTok user @iliyapengyou shared a video of a group wearing the iconic red jumpsuit along with the signature Salvador Dalí masks seen in the series.

"Usually only foreigners but today a troop of Money Heists [came] to our centre," her caption reads on the video that has since gone viral.

Clearly not there to steal anything but smiles, four of them can be seen in the video obediently following protocols throughout their vaccination process

The popular Spanish series just came out with its latest season on Netflix, earning a top spot recently as the most watched TV show in Malaysia.

Naturally, fans of the series couldn't resist throwing witty remarks in the comments

"Rob bank? X. Rob vaccine centre? Check."

Image via TikTok

"How long have you guys been planning this heist?"

Image via TikTok

"Don't forget to look out for the professor watching the CCTV."

Image via TikTok

"After getting vaccinated, then only can rob a mamak."

Image via TikTok

"Rob a bank? X. Rob my heart? Check."

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, one person commented that, "Malaysia's vaccination has turned into Comic-Con."

Image via TikTok

Accurate. Lol. 

A quick check shows that you can buy similar Money Heist costumes online for under RM45

Image via Shopee

There are kids sizes available as well as multiple adult sizes, including the mask.

You can check it out on Shopee or Lazada. But please don't go and rob anything but hearts, ah. 

Watch the full video below:


usually only foreigners but today a troop of money heists come to our centre #ppvinxora #ppv #fyp

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Gotta love a creative bunch, eh? Here are other unique characters that have shown up at vaccination centres in Malaysia:

Half-dyed hair? Wedding? Nothing stopped these guys from getting their doses:

Speaking of creative outfits, this uncle in Kuching went all out and printed his vaccine certificate on his singlet:

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