PPV Staff Set Up Pelamin For Newly-Weds Who Rushed To Get Vaccinated In Wedding Attire

The couple had to rush to the COVID-19 vaccination centre (PPV) after their wedding since both events had clashing dates.

Cover image via @shidiphotographer (TikTok) & @girl__violet (TikTok)

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The nation's vaccination programme has seen Malaysians turn up at COVID-19 vaccination centres (PPVs) in unique costumes

Possibly out of boredom from staying at home, several decided to "dress up" in costumes like T-rex and pontianak, even if it was to just get vaccinated.

So, when this newly-wedded couple walked into the Dewan Jubli Intan PPV in Pontian, Johor in their wedding attire, many thought they were wearing a costume

In a TikTok video shared by a PPV staff on Sunday, 22 August, the bride can be seen in her full wedding dress, waiting for her turn to be vaccinated.

Other PPV staff can be seen congratulating her as she moved up the queue, making her even more visibly embarrassed.

At the time this article was written, the video managed to get 200,800 views, 9,388 likes, and 167 comments on TikTok.

The couple apparently rushed to the PPV after their wedding since both events had clashing dates

In another TikTok video, the bride and groom's photographer explained that the couple rushed over as soon as they signed their marriage contract.

All the PPV staff were really happy for them and even went to the extent of making the bride and groom bersanding by inviting them to sit on a sofa, mimicking a pelamin, with the vaccination poster as the backdrop!

They even had an accompanying background song and a "host" for the "ceremony".


Tahniah Pengantin Viral Kita, Saya Photographer Itu Area Pontian Cari Photographer Boleh Roger!! ##vaccineday ##weddingday ##kitajagakita

bunyi asal - ,_Girl Violet_

Netizens loved the whole incident and many wished the newly-weds a happy married life

"Congratulations, newly-weds. May you remain together until Jannah."

"Memories for their kids later. Congratulations, newly-weds," a user said.

"Who smiled while watching?" another user asked.

This netizen said, "It's been a long time since I've experienced a wedding celebration during this COVID-19 season. Can't even call a DJ. Getting to listen to the song at the PPV can also be memorable."

"The people of Johor are all so cool," this netizen praised.

"This is how you attend a wedding celebration. But it's not the guests who came to the celebration, it's the bride and groom who came to the celebration to get vaccinated," a user joked.

Despite being notified last minute, this woman rushed to the PPV with her hair still half dyed to get vaccinated:

Check out the other costumes that have made an appearance at PPVs around Malaysia:

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