[PHOTO] GSC Asks Malaysians To Edit A Car Into A Photo And Netizens Delivered

From a cendol truck to MCO and police jokes, Malaysians' creativity never ceases to amaze us!

Cover image via Sungei Wang 金河广场 (Facebook) & Zackxson Chai (Facebook)

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GSC is back at it again, causing (harmless) mischief on social media.

This time, the cinema operator asked fellow Malaysians to edit a car into this photo.

Image via GSC (Facebook)

The post was uploaded at 10.30pm yesterday, 10 June, and it was intended to promote Fast 9 merchandise.

Instead of taking GSC's request seriously, Malaysians started a Photoshop battle to edit silly things into the photo.

The results are hilarious! Without further ado, here are 19 of our top picks:

1. "You know what you gotta do"

2. "I've tried my best"

3. "HELLO! Enough of POSING! Faster get in the car, we are running out of TIME!"

4. "Our PM say: FMCO please stay at home"

5. "Hi~ Love"

We see what you did there... 

6. "Give way the aeroplane going landing"

7. "See never follow SOP, pulis come"

8. "No one help her to cross the road. Let me help her. Thank me later."

9. "Did someone say Myvi?"

Wawasan 2020 flying through~

10. "Pulis... Tangkap amoi blocking the road"

11. "Here's your car, but got lockdown le. Ada letter MITI kah? Pergi mana u?"

Image via Julian Luke Tan

12. "Vintage & old school?"

Image via

Precious! <3

13. "Gotcha!!"

GSC said this photo was taken before Movement Control Order (MCO) la. 

14. "This is Initial D... D for Doraemon"

15. A three-part story

16. "Before adding in the car, please complete this"

This photo is giving us PTSD.

17. Deadpool has no chill

18. Just afterworld beings crossing the bridge

The caption is a reference to a 1987 Hong Kong horror movie, Spiritual Love.

19. "I miss cendol"

We miss cendol AND rojak too, Sungei Wang.

View all the edits on GSC's full post here:

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