Primary School Kid Uses Cute Pickup Line On Hannah Yeoh & We Gotta Admit It Was Smooth

Better than some adults.

Cover image via @raishussin (Twitter)

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On Tuesday, 18 July, Minister of Youth and Sports Hannah Yeoh attended a football clinic organised by the National Sports Council of Malaysia (NSC) and the Bangi Junior Football Club (KBJB)

Attending the event alongside Syahredzan Johan, Member of Parliament for Bangi, and Mazwan Johar, assemblyman of Sungai Ramal, Yeoh expressed her happiness over the attendance of many parents and children at the event.

"150 footballs were given to KBJB in order to instil an interest in children for playing sports. I hope one day, Harimau Malaya will have strong players from Bangi," said Yeoh in reference to the event.

Check out the minister's full post about the event on her Facebook page:

While the festivities were lively and active, one particular moment between the minister and a primary school child has gained traction on social media

Originally captured in a Facebook Live video on Yeoh's page during the event, the moment has since been stitched together in a short clip and subsequently shared on Twitter by Dr Rais Hussin.

In the 30-second clip, a student approached and asked Yeoh what finger he was holding up while showing her his thumb. Sensing that a prank was at bay, Yeoh entertained the joke and asked the boy what each finger was.

Working his way down the fingers on his hand, the boy eventually stops at his ring finger, and called it jari manis. In a literal translation, it would mean "sweet finger". 

Carrying out his prank, the boy then looked at Yeoh before saying in Malay, "Ini jari ibu kan manis, tak manis, yang manis awak" (This is the sweet finger, but it is not sweet, because you are sweet).

Screen grabs from the video on Twitter.

Image via @raishussin (Twitter)

Thoroughly impressed by the pickup line, Yeoh and the surrounding adults laughed at his joke.

Receiving more than 300,000 views on the video thus far, many people responded to the tweet to mention how cheeky yet brave the schoolboy was in speaking to the sports minister

Some Twitter users also praised Yeoh for going along with the joke and being truly sweet when interacting with the kid.

"Wow, he isn't playing. When we try to use pickup lines on regular people, we get so nervous, but he was just straightforward with the minister," joked one user.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

We can't lie, this kid is better than some adults.

Watch the full clip on Twitter below:

When it comes to being fearless, we gotta say that kids do it best:

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