We All Have Our Differences, But These 6 Things Will Always Bring Malaysians Together

Malaysians assemble!

Cover image via Chasing a Plate - Thomas & Sheena (YouTube)

1. The "where to eat" debate can always be settled by suggesting to go mamak

Whether you're looking for a yummy end to a late night out, somewhere to get cheap eats, or just wanting to indulge in local food, a mamak is every Malaysian's go-to place! Everyone confirm has a favourite mamak as well as a usual signature order. What's yours?

2. Nothing brings us together quite like our local athletes competing on the world stage... and not just 'cause we might get public holiday if they win lol

We genuinely love cheering them on to success. <3

Remember how the whole nation rallied behind Datuk Lee Chong Wei during the badminton singles final of the 2016 Rio Olympics? We legit could hear our neighbours screaming at the TV alongside us!

And we will always be so proud of Datuk Nicol David for holding the record for most number of World Open wins and for being touted as the greatest woman squash player of all time.

3. And of course, we all live and breathe the #MalaysiaBoleh spirit

Even though 'Malaysia Boleh' first came about in conjunction with the 1993 SEA Games in Singapore, it's so much more than a chant for sports matches. It's our national motto that embodies the main quality that truly makes us Malaysian - our kipidap dongibap spirit!

Fun fact: Did you know that MILO actually coined the the term 'Malaysia Boleh'?

4. We wouldn't be Malaysian without our undying love for all our local food, especially nasi lemak

All Malaysians can definitely agree that nasi lemak is the one dish that best represents Malaysia. After all, it's practically our national dish! 

We go on hunts for the best ones, eat it at all hours of the day, and get fiercely protective if anyone tries to hate on it (coughthatMasterchefjudgecough). We love it so much that we even rocked a nasi lemak-inspired dress for the National Costume segment of the Miss Universe 2017 beauty pageant. #nasilemak4lyfe

5. We all tok liddis. Oni Msians ken paham lah!

Image via Kit Leee

Wherever we are in the world, you can always identify a fellow Malaysian the second you hear them speak. We've got our own slang and our own unique way of pronouncing stuff. And yet, we sometimes still can't agree on what's the right way to say things - like MILO for example. Are you Team MY-LOH or Team MEE-LOH?

6. And speaking of MILO, some of our fondest childhood memories involve the iconic and elusive MILO trucks

Image via MILO

Look, if you don't think that the ice-cold MILO from the MILO truck is the best in the world, you ain't Malaysian, bro! We LIVED for the days when the truck would pull up to our schools and serve us those coveted cups of milky, malty, chocolatey goodness. It was extra puas having it during Hari Sukan kan

Even as adults, we'll still get super excited whenever we see a MILO truck. Incidents like the pregnant lady in Kuantan that chased after the van because she was craving it so much just goes to show how much we love it!

With Hari Kebangsaan and Malaysia Day right around the corner, MILO wants to celebrate all the amazing things that makes us uniquely Malaysian! <3

Over the years, MILO has always been a brand that has a strong kinship with Malaysia. We've grown up with it and it continues to be a part of our everyday lives. 

MILO is ingrained into the Malaysian way of life and brings together Malaysians from all different walks of life. Did you realise that MILO was in some form or fashion behind the above mentioned moments?

Whether we're making it ourselves at home, ordering it at a mamak, chasing down a MILO truck, or trying viral MILO flavoured treats, there's no doubt that it will always have a special place in our hearts <3

Image via MILO

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