17 Things We All Go Through When Sitting For Exams

"Pssstt...oiii...what's number 15 ah?"

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1. Itching to flip through the paper the second it's on your table

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But you're scared of the teacher scolding you. Just write name first lah.

2. Start panicking when someone turns the page faster than you

3. And then panic even more when someone asks for extra paper

4. Smirking to yourself when the topics you pulled an all-nighter memorising came out

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"I gots this yooooo!"

5. Wondering "we got learn this meh?!" when there's suddenly questions on things you've never heard of before

6. When you're totally confident that you have the right answer only to realize it's not one of the options #GG

7. Doubting yourself and re-checking everything when you notice that you have too many same answers

"Wait...5 Bs in a row?! SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG AHHHH!"

8. Skipping questions and going back to it later but you still dunno the answers :(

Time to start hentaming and hope for the best!

9. You and your classmates confirm got your own secret code going on to exchange answers

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"If I tap the table it means A, and if I scratch my nose it means D okay?"

10. Trying to get your friend's attention by kicking their chair

"Pssstt...oiii...what's number 15 ah?"

11. You've definitely tried to sneak in a cheat sheet before jusssttt in case you forget something

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Especially for subjects like sejarah where there's just too many things to memorise.

12. Try your luck and ask your teacher for answers in the hopes that they'll take pity on you

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"Cherrr, tolong lah, just this one answer pleaseeeee!" *puppy dog eyes*

13. Giving yourself little pep talks when you get stuck on something

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"Okay okay calm down, you can do this. Come on, you know this, you just studied it yesterday!"

14. Looking at the clock every so often and wondering why time flies so fast during exam

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15. Your writing totally gets messier and messier as time goes by

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Especially when time is running out and you're only halfway through your karangan.

16. Finished your paper early? Time to sleep!

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Your teacher will keep waking you up to "check your answers properly" but you've checked like 10 billion times d.

17. That super stress moment when time is running out and you know that you're not gonna finish on time T___T

You'll still desperately write right up to the last second when your paper gets forcibly taken away.

Man, are we glad that all our exam-taking days are behind us now :D But for those of you still in school, we'd like to wish you all the best for any upcoming exams!

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All students should also take note that in conjunction with Dekad Bahasa Kebangsaan, all Malaysian schools will start using Bahasa Malaysia again from the year 2020 onwards

Additionally, Minister of Education Dr. Maszlee Malik also recently announced that these these 12 new initiatives will soon be implemented:

  • Starting from 2019, every school will have a Values Manual that will be read out at every assembly.
  • Pendidikan Sivik will be introduced.
  • The MOE will strive to improve the problem of mutual distrust between teachers and parents.
  • Bringing back the culture of hero teachers to increase the recognition of the teaching profession.
  • Smartphones will be used for educational purposes.
  • Children without citizenship status will be able to start going to school in 2019.
  • A Teachers' Rest Area will be established.
  • Teachers will no longer have to do clerical work from 2019.
  • There will be no more compromises in terms of the education budget.
  • Work towards making the education sector OKU friendly.
  • Solving the problem of underfunded schools.
  • Creating a speaker's corner at schools.

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