The PSA At This MRT Station In Jakarta Has More Rizz Than You

The stairs to exit the station also had sentences to roast commuters on them.

Cover image via @genesia.synclaire (Instagram)

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An MRT station in Jakarta, Indonesia, is going viral for a public service announcement (PSA) broadcasted through the station's speakers

Content creator Genesia Synclaire Tjoa recently shared a video of a station in the city centre making the announcement.

"I love how (un)serious the PSA at the Jakarta MRT station is," she writes in the caption plastered across the video.

She captures the moment when the PSA is broadcasted.
"Hati hati, jatuh dari tangga tidak seindah jatuh cinta", it says, which simply translates to "Be careful, falling from the stairs is not as beautiful as falling in love".

But that's not all.

She then points the camera toward the stairs at the station, where each step has sentences making fun of people who choose stairs over escalators:

"Yang doyan kisah supranatural."
(Those who are addicted to supernatural stories.)

"Yang suka pasu adrenalin lewat thriller."
(Those who like to get their adrenaline pumping through thrillers.)

"Yang suka cerita dokumenter sejarah."
(Those who like watching historical documentaries.)

"Yang butuh asupan komedi tiap hari."
(Those who need comedy intake every day.)

"Yang sering nonton bareng sekeluarga."
(Those who always watch movies together with their family.)

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