Two Mak Ciks Waiting Outside K-Pop Concert Is Like A Glimpse Into Every Stan's Future

Me as a multi-group stan 50 years from now.

Cover image via @khrq_ (TikTok)

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In a sea of excited young fans, an unexpected duo stood out amongst the crowd outside a concert venue in Kuala Lumpur

Image via @khrq_ (TikTok)

While waiting outside Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil, two older ladies were seen holding customised hand fans of K-pop boy band, TREASURE.

TikTok user @khrq_ shared the adorable seven-second clip with the caption, "Me and my best friend at the concert even though we are old".

Image via @khrq_ (TikTok)

Several netizens in the comments section said that they also saw the two cute mak ciks at the TREASURE concert

"This aunty came with her mother and brought her daughter. I sat behind them for a bit and they seemed very supportive of their daughter and granddaughter's interests. It was super cute!" one commented.

Image via TikTok

"I saw them too. I think they were accompanying their grandkid," another said.

Image via TikTok

"That day, the granny asked if she could have my sister's freebies because she wanted some sweets. She's so cute!" another shared.

Image via TikTok

Also, the granny's hand-held fan has a picture of band member Yoshi on it.

Is that your bias in TREASURE, granny?

Image via @khrq_ (TikTok)

Honestly, they probably have no idea who the band members are or any of their songs, but them being there for their grandkid and daughter is the purest thing ever.

One netizen shared a wholesome anecdote about her parents who used to accompany them when they attended K-pop concerts

"This is literally my parents back when I used to go to K-pop concerts. They waited for me outside and made friends with other parents that were there too," they wrote.

So kiut! (T▽T)

Image via TikTok

The sweet video amused many fellow Treasure Makers, who could see themselves growing old but loyal to their favourite band

Image via TikTok
Image via

"POV: Going to concerts with KWSP money," one netizen joked.

Image via TikTok

"They probably see TREASURE members as their kids," another said.

Image via TikTok

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