These 3 Malaysians Put Together Fun Adventure Trips For Anyone Who Loves Exploring

Cliff jump, snorkel, and 'go off the beaten track' with these exciting trips.

Cover image via Mowgli Venture (Provided to SAYS)

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If you're feeling mentally exhausted and need a spark to your everyday routine, you might love these adventures

Mowgli Venture was founded by three Malaysians, Kovin (28), Masha (29), and Celine (26), who came together with a shared passion for outdoor exploration.

Together, they invite fellow adventure-seekers to unheard of destinations.

From left: Celine, Masha, and Kovin are the co-founders of Mowgli Venture.

Image via Mowgli Venture (Provided to SAYS)

The team runs nature-based trips across the country and launched their first overseas tour last year

They currently organise tours to Kapas, Tioman, and Ulu Baram, as well as Cebu and Padang.

The trips include activities such as hiking, swimming, and climbing, ensuring that you get the best out of what each destination has to offer.

We personally joined them on their Kapas trip and had such a blast that we actually wanted to gatekeep. But good things are meant to be shared, right? :')

"We realised many Malaysians are keen on exploring the outdoors but lack the knowledge or safety skills to access these sites, and we thought life is truly too short to miss out on the wonders we have been to, so here we are!"
Mowgli Venture

"Nature-based tourism is when tourism activities are done in natural environments. For us, it is hard to find the balance between exploring new locations and making sure our impact is as minimal as possible.

"We try our best to incorporate the best practices of giving back to nature or local communities on all our travels, be it through involving our travellers in beach cleanups, hiring local guides and experts to host some/all parts of our trips, and working with conservation teams," Mowgli Venture shared with SAYS.

The team joins on every trip, except for Tioman and Ulu Baram, which are run by local partners in the area

"These partners run some very unique tours, which we have personally tried and loved," Mowgli Venture explained.

"In Ulu Baram, you will be hosted by local Kenyah villagers in their own village homestay, and in Tioman, you can live aboard what used to be a fishing vessel — true glamping style as you travel to gorgeous sites around the island."

Each trip is handpicked and carefully curated by the trio based on activities and destinations they personally enjoy — so, you can rest assured that they're well-planned and thoughtfully crafted

One of their favourite highlights from the tours is cliff jumping.

"Almost all of our tours give our venturers a chance to dive down a cliff and it holds some of the best memories for everyone.

"We personally love having first-timers (for cliff jumping) as we get to guide them through and witness them jumping out of their comfort zones. It is a great reminder to our venturers (and us!) that we can always break our limiting beliefs.

"Be prepared to be exhausted physically but refreshed mentally," they shared with a laugh.

Each trip focuses on small exclusive travels, allowing around six to 20 people

"Some trips are limited to just 10 people to ensure that the experience is not compromised by the group size," they explained.

If you'd like to join, be prepared for lots of physical activities and exploring sites that the modern-day traveller might call "off the beaten path".

With that said, Mowgli Venture also includes popular spots they find valuable based on their shared experience.

As tourism operators, the team believes they are accountable for the increase in tourism traffic within the areas of their travel. They play an important role in sending a message regarding the environmental conservation and awareness of a certain place. 

"For instance, it is our responsibility to ensure no wildlife feeding takes place on tours despite it being one of the more preferred activities of many tourists.

"We also ensure that proper research and study of a location is done to prevent exceeding the carrying capacity of a site.

"In most natural sites, the carrying capacity is not suitable for larger groups and this may cost more for us to run the tours in smaller groups, but the environment and local community come first before anything else. Hence, the exclusivity in our small travel groups," they explained.

The tours are made to suit "adventure-seekers, veterans, first-timers, and everything in between who seek to push their limits".

So, fret not if you're new to it! You'll be in good hands every step of the way.

Many beginner hikers and non-swimmers have joined their adventures with their experienced guides and safety measures.

Here's a list of the trips they offer:
— Kapas Escapade 2D2N (RM650)
— Tioman Voyager 3D2N (RM1,080)
— Passage to Ulu Baram 4D3N (RM1,060)
— Splashing Cebu 6D5N (RM1,650)
— Chasing Padang 4D3N (RM1,250)

The team is also working hard to discover and curate more hidden or secluded destinations and tours within Southeast Asia, so look out for those on their socials!

To book a trip or to find out more, visit Mowgli Venture's website.

You can also follow them on
Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook

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