This Arcadian Homestay In Cameron Highlands Will Immerse You In Leisure And Tranquility

These repurposed container-rooms blend perfectly into the surrounding nature.

Cover image via Cameron Highland Retreat

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Situated in the cool mountainous area of Tanah Rata comes a locale that'll whisk you away into complete relaxation

Cameron Highland Retreat has been gaining traction and appearing over all our social media feeds. Rustic on the outside, this cosy repurposed container-homestay is situated aptly in the middle of nature, with nothing but green forests for miles away.

Distributed over five different floors, all the rooms are set within the same property, a giant mansion that resembles a luxurious English cottage straight out of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

There are three different types of accommodation at Cameron Highland Retreat — Rooms, Suites, and Rooftrees

As the most scenic of the bunch, the Rooftree rooms would be the best option for a big group of friends. Located on the second floor (the highest floor among the five levels), the rooms are divided according to size.

They are known as Rooftree Type I (725 sqft), Rooftree Type II (825 sqft), and Rooftree Type III (878 sqft).

The first type can accommodate between 10 and 14 people, the second can hold between eight and 10 people, while the final type can spaciously lodge between six and eight people. All of the beddings are made up of single-sized beds, with one pillow and quilt provided for each bed.

Rooftree Type I.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Rooftree Type II.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Rooftree Type III.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Inspired by a tree house design, the furniture within the stay are custom-made. Furthermore, the layout of the locale is an open-concept, merging the living and dining areas into one complete space, with everyone sleeping under the same roof.

As for the room facilities, all three rooms are identical, possessing two bathrooms, each with hot water showers and soap provided. Each room also has a 42-inch smart television and a kitchen fully stocked with utensils, such as an electric kettle, cutleries, plates, cups, dish washing liquid, a cooking wok, knives, a cutting board, an induction cooker, and a mini fridge. 

A differentiating factor between the three rooms, however, is the addition of a balcony with outdoor seating for Type II and Type III (due to the larger breadth in area of the stay). Nonetheless, those who book the Type I room will not be disappointed, as the dining area rests in the centre of the sojourn (as seen in the photo above).

For a more comfortable and luxurious stay, Cameron Highland Retreat offers four types of Suites spread across the first and ground floors

The two smaller suites (of the four) are located within the same premise, one right above the other. Identical in layout and room facilities, the ground floor room is known as the Lily Suite, while the first floor room is called the Lavender Suite

In each 645 sqft room comes three bathrooms (all with hot water showers and soap), and a large common area with a 42-inch smart television, as well as a kitchen and bedrooms with all the same provisions as the Rooftree rooms.

Suitable for eight pax, each suite consists of two bedrooms with double-decker beds that can fit four individuals per room.

Common area for the Lavender Suite.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Common area for the Lily Suite.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

The two bigger suites are known as the Rosemary Suite and the Rose Grape Suite, with the former encompassing 1,660 sqft of area, while the latter covers 1465 sqft, a marginal difference. 

There are four bedrooms in each suite. Three of the rooms feature two single-sized beds with a bed frame, and two single-sized beds without a bed frame. The fourth and final room on the other hand, features two single-sized beds with a bed frame, and one single-sized bed without a bed frame.

The common areas are the same as well (except for the design elements), with both suites possessing a 42-inch smart television, and a kitchen with all the same facilities as stated above.

The single differentiating factor, however, are the number of bathrooms in each locale. The Rosemary Suite has three bathrooms, while the Rose Grape Suite has four. All the bathrooms have the same provisions as the other rooms too.

Common area for Rose Grape Suite.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Common area for Rose Grape Suite.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Bedroom for Rose Grape Suite.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Common Area for Rosemary Suite.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Common Area for Rosemary Suite.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Bedroom for Rosemary Suite.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

There are also standard rooms and family rooms for those who're looking for a typical hotel getaway in the forest

Similar to the Rooftree stays, there are three types of family rooms. They are known as Family Room I, Family Room II, and Family Room III. All three rooms are 415 sqft big, and can accommodate up to four pax for one stay. 

The bedroom layout however, differs with each room. Family Room I and III both have one king-sized bed and two single-sized beds, while Family Room II has one queen-sized bed and two single-sized beds. Furthermore, Family Room I is the only room of the three that has a balcony

Family Room I.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

Family Room II.

Image via Cameron Highland II

Family Room III.

Image via Cameron Highland Retreat

As for the similarities, each space has the same room facilities, which include an electric kettle, a hairdryer, an electric mosquito swatter, a tower fan, and hot water showers (soap and towels are provided).

If you're looking for the most intimate stay of the lot, the Standard Room would probably be the ideal option for couples

Spread across 225 sqft, the Standard Room has a balcony, and all the same amenities as the other family rooms.

For those worried about their safety and security, all the rooms are thoroughly sanitised before and after every stay, to ensure a clean environment at all times

The grounds of the homestay is protected through security fencing that surrounds the compound, and an entrance barrier gate only accessible by guests. Furthermore, CCTV monitoring systems are placed at all common areas, to ensure the comfort and welfare of all patrons.

For those who don't want to cook, the retreat is located near a number of restaurants and food stalls for convenience

As for those who want to cook up a storm in their stays (for the Suites and Rooftree types only), the establishment suggests bringing your own pots and extension wires should you want to prepare something that goes beyond the provisions provided by the stay (such as steamboat).

Furthermore, Cameron Highland Retreat also suggests guests bring their own insect repellent as a safety measure from mosquito and insect bites (especially for those in Suites and Rooftrees, as those in Family and Standard rooms will be provided with an electric mosquito swatter).

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Last but certainly not least, don't forget to soak up the intrinsically beautiful surroundings of Cameron Highland Retreat

Here's where you can find Cameron Highland Retreat:

57, Jalan Tengkolok, Tanah Rata,
39000 Tanah Rata Pahang.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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