"Success Is About Making A Difference" — Msian Woman's Laundromat Empowers B40 Community

dobiQueen empowers single mothers and the B40 community with tools and support to succeed through employment opportunities.

Cover image via dobiQueen (Provided to SAYS)

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Meet Nini Tan, the co-founder and executive director of dobiQueen, a 24-hour self-service laundromat

Hailing from Batu Caves, Nini formerly worked in both sales and marketing within the consumer banking and FMCG industry, as well as a digital marketing manager for a photography services company.

In 2015, she founded dobiQueen, which has since grown from just five outlets to 82 outlets nationwide.

"The idea stemmed from juggling household chores and a demanding job when I was living alone," said Nini in an exclusive interview with SAYS.

Childhood memories of her mother struggling with laundry also reinforced Nini's need to find convenient laundry solutions.

Instead of a regular laundromat, Nini took her business to the next level by providing something others didn't

"I noticed a market gap where customers had to transfer wet clothes to the dryer without staff assistance," Nini told SAYS.

"This observation sparked an idea to innovate the laundry industry, with dobiQueen being one of the first in the industry to invest in headcount for outlet managers."

By implementing this change, Nini introduced dobiQueen's Drop-off & Pickup and 6-Hour Express Delivery services, allowing customers to be completely hands-off with their laundry needs. 

Now, you can get your laundry collected and delivered fresh every day. No more sorting through colours, whites, and undergarments, washing, hanging out to dry, waiting, and folding!

By investing in people, Nini has created a team that is dedicated to reducing the burden of household chores, allowing customers to reclaim both time and energy.

In addition, to providing laundry services, dobiQueen also seeks to empower women and the b40 community

"We believe in breaking down barriers and stereotypes, particularly those that limit women's opportunities," shared Nini.

dobiQueen offers employment opportunities to women from the B40 community, providing them with tools and support they need to succeed.

"We're not just running a business — we are building a more inclusive and equitable society," Nini explained.

Nini and her team at their Raya Appreciation Dinner.

Image via dobiQueen (Provided to SAYS)

Currently, 70 women are employed in various positions within the company. This includes 15 in managerial roles, 14 in executive roles, and 41 in non-executive roles. 

Meanwhile, men make up around 55% of the team, holding positions such as outlet managers, executives, non-executives, and pick-up and delivery services.

From offering employment opportunities to single mothers and B40 individuals, to providing additional cash aid to underserved communities, dobiQueen proves to be so much more than just a neighbourhood laundromat.

dobiQueen's Leadership Success Programme in 2022.

Image via dobiQueen (Provided to SAYS)

Nini is also proud to share that her company collaborates with NGOs every year, to help support women in need. 

Here's a look at the amazing work they've done:

  • 2021: Dignity for Children Foundation - Collaboration with refugee mothers to create handmade Raya money packets to give to customers
  • 2022: Kintry - Supporting a single mother entrepreneur by ordering snacks and cookies
  • 2023: The Asli Co. - Collaboration with Orang Asli mothers to create handmade 'kuih' soap
  • 2024: Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ) - Collaboration with women from the B40 community to create handmade 'teh tarik' and 'kopi O' pouches

dobiQueen's 2023 Raya Boxes were given to those in need.

Image via dobiQueen (Provided to SAYS)

"Our commitment to hiring single mothers and supporting B40 communities reflects our broader mission of making a positive impact, not just in the business world, but in society as a whole.

"For us, success is about making a difference," shared Nini.

Nini and her team at the Leadership Success Programme in 2023.

Image via dobiQueen (Provided to SAYS)

She goes on to advise aspiring entrepreneurs to think beyond profit and consider how your business positively impacts the community.

Whether through creating employment opportunities for marginalised communities, supporting local initiatives, or promoting sustainability, Nini urges others to consider how their entrepreneurial journey can uplift others.

"Having established dobiQueen for nine years now, I have been a strong advocate for self-love and mental health for single women and women in the B40 community by offering these women the opportunity to have a stable career and empower them to take ownership in improving their lives," said Nini.

She added that this year, she will be collaborating with like-minded individuals and women CEOs who champion their households.

If you haven't tried out dobiQueen's services before, now is a great time to start!

Check out these ongoing promotions:

  1. First-Time 30 Tokens: Get 30 free tokens if you're a first-time app user to enjoy and experience dobiQueen. 

  2. Referral Program: Share referral codes with friends and family, and redeem 16 free tokens for washing or drying machines.

  3. Happy Hour: Enjoy rates as low as RM2 from Mondays to Thursdays, from 1pm to 4pm.

dobiQueen provides impeccably washed and perfumed clothes, lasting up to six months, using branded detergents like Downy and Breeze. Their crease-free dryers eliminate the need for ironing.

To save time, each store has a supervisor to assist with laundry, and an assistant to move wet clothes to dryers and stack them for you. dobiQueen also rents parking spaces in crowded areas for easy laundry drop-off.

For extra convenience, you can use dobiQueen's door-to-door, 6-hour laundry pick-up service.  

Plus, you can rest assured that you laundry is being washing in sustainable ways, as the company uses environmentally-friendly laundry bags and have implemented several energy-efficient measures at their outlets. This includes motion sensor switches, energy-saving lights, timer controls for exhaust fans, air coolers, and spotlights.

For more information, visit dobiQueen's website and follow dobiQueen on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming promotions and giveaways

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