Friso Gold Uses Groundbreaking Smart Packaging So You Can Track Formula Milk From Source

Watch the journey of your milk from farm to table.

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A recent survey on Malaysian mums revealed their concerns regarding formulated milk powder for children and maternal milk powder products

More people are beginning to take the time to learn about where their food comes from and how it's produced.

And parents are no exception, especially when it comes to formula powder.

Quality control, authenticity, and the quality check process were the top three things that mums want to trace, with 96% wanting to know more about the quality check process at the food source and during production.

In response to demands for full disclosure, Friso Gold® has unveiled the industry’s first and only smart packaging innovation, TrackEasy, allowing Malaysian parents access to full transparency over formulated milk powder

In a virtual Facebook and YouTube launch, hosted by Aishah Sinclair on 20 June, parents nationwide were introduced to the TrackEasy Milk Traceability System.

Consisting of a QR code at the bottom of the 900g tins, parents can track the full journey of Frisomum Gold and Friso Gold, from the farms in the Netherlands to their local supermarket. 

This includes farm checks, milk collection, packaging, final quality checks, export approval date, and in-market port arrival date.

Image via Friso Gold

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad Managing Director, Mr. Tarang Gupta said, "TrackEasy QR code allows parents to trace the full journey of the Friso Gold product from our farms in the Netherlands and be assured of the authenticity, safety and quality of Friso Gold, emphasising the importance of food security. This gives assurance to all our mothers of how this product was made, with the best quality.”

Friso Gold is the only brand in Malaysia that offers this smart packaging innovation

“At Friso Gold, we are able to provide this unique experience because we own over 11,000 farms and have full control over the single manufacturing process from grass to glass,” said Claire Daphne Dominic, Marketing Manager, Friso Gold Malaysia.

“These days, we’re more than ‘just’ mums. We’re detectives – we need to look into every single aspect that affects our kids’ health and wellbeing," says Aishah Sinclair

Image via Friso Gold

She adds, “With this great new technology, Friso Gold has taken the concerns of millennial mums and turned them into an opportunity to be transparent and trustworthy, providing access to important information that assures them on the product quality that they can trust.”

It's a great way to give parents peace of mind in the knowledge that the nutrition they give their children is truly safe, authentic, and high quality

Watch how the Friso Gold TrackEasy smart packaging really works:

To celebrate the launch, Friso Gold is inviting Malaysian mums to take part in the Friso Gold Mombassador Search

If you're a mum with at least one child aged between 1-6 years old and enjoy posting on social media, this is your chance to be a Mombassador! 

The top 50 winners will be crowned Friso Gold Mombassadors, and earn RM5,000 each, as well as receive Friso Gold products. The best part is, it's really easy to join and win.

Step 1: Purchase a tin of Friso Gold with TrackEasy from Shopee, Lazada or other official stores.

Step 2: Scan the TrackEasy QR code and post a photo or video of your experience with TrackEasy, then add a caption explaining why you recommend it to other parents.

Step 3: Include the hashtags #FrisoGoldMombassador and #FrisoGoldTrackEasy. Then tag @frisoholdmy in your post.

Step 4: Ensure your post is set to Public!

Check out the full details and prize list here.

Image via Friso Gold

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