"It's A Red Flag" — Girlfriend Complains About Boyfriend Not Buying Her RM6,820 GUCCI Bag

The girl also complained about the fact that they still split bills when they go on dates.

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Dealbreakers are not uncommon when it comes to relationships — but they are relative to what each person decides is important in a partner

One girlfriend recently shared an apparent red flag she deduced from her boyfriend of seven years, and is now wondering what she should do next.

Lamenting her frustrations on the Singaporean confessions page NUSWhispers, the anonymous confessor begins by explaining how her boyfriend recently graduated from university and is currently earning SGD4,000 (approximately RM13,640). 

Describing their relationship, she continued by saying that throughout the years, she has never once requested for any gifts of big value, and that the most expensive thing he ever bought her was a ring and a bag estimated at around SGD700 (approximately RM2,400) for a previous anniversary.

Things soon turned sour after she decided to ask him for a much pricier gift.

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Image via Văn Thắng/Pexels

The confessor then mentioned that she recently came across a GUCCI bag priced at around SGD2,000 (approximately RM6,820), hinting to her boyfriend that she wanted it as a gift for their next anniversary

The boyfriend told the confessor that he couldn't afford to get the bag because he was saving for a nice proposal ring for her, which he claimed was very expensive. Nevertheless, the confessor stated that she still preferred the GUCCI bag.

"I proposed that he just get me the GUCCI bag, and that I am fine with a normal ring (less than SGD1,000 since the proposal is just for the sake of showing it to the elders, and I am not really keen on proposal rings either). Moreover, we will be wearing wedding bands after marriage, and the proposal ring will likely be kept inside a drawer for most of the time," she explained.

Thinking she had struck a good deal with him, the confessor stated that her boyfriend proceeded to get angry at her, saying that he would not buy her the GUCCI bag as he wanted to save his money for other things

In explaining his feelings, the boyfriend stated that since it is his own money, he would decide what he wanted to spend on.

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Desperate to get the bag, the confessor carried on by saying how she could leave her boyfriend for another guy who would be willing to get her such branded items

She continued to comment on the fact that her boyfriend has always been stingy with his money. Providing an example, she mentioned that they still split bills for dates, other than the occasional instance of him letting her pay a tad less.

Posing a question to responders, the confessor asked whether this action would be considered a red flag in her boyfriend's character.

"I assume he lied and isn't even intending to spend on an expensive ring. Otherwise, he would be more than happy to take on my idea of getting the bag I like, and at the same time, save his money by spending less on the ring," she said before ending her confession.

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Garnering a massive response online, many people chimed in under the comments section of the post to give their opinion on the confessor's story

Dishing out some brutal advice, some users told the confessor that she is not entitled to have her boyfriend purchase anything she wants.

"Just because you are his girlfriend does not mean he is your personal credit card. I bought my own branded bags without asking my boyfriend to buy them for me," wrote one user.

Another user directly told the confessor that if she was the mother of her boyfriend, she'd tell him to dump her immediately.

"Don't ever plan how to spend someone else's money or think you have a right to his earnings. It's a huge turn-off," she penned.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Others even called the confessor a red flag for making such a steep request.

"I mean, the fact that you had the cheek to even negotiate after receiving a 'no' is beyond me," commented one user.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Some even suggested that she buy the GUCCI bag herself if it was what she so desperately wanted. 

"Your lover is not your banker. Don't equate love to rewards. Learn to stand on your own feet," added one user.

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However, there were also a number of individuals who saw the confessor's perspective

One user stated that they believe no party is wrong or right in this situation, as it is just a matter of compatibility and who is willing to compromise or accept the other.

Another user stated that the vast majority of people who criticised the confessor were missing the point, saying that the difference in price for the ring her boyfriend said he was going to buy her in comparison to the bag is not as wide as one may think.

"SGD2,000 is the standard price for a decent diamond ring. If he claimed that he's going to buy a nice, expensive diamond ring, he would actually save some money by getting the GUCCI. Him getting angry over your request is totally BS," wrote the commenter.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Nonetheless, there were a portion of commenters who gave the confessor fruitful advice in telling her that since he's a recent graduate, she should not have asked for a bag priced at about half the salary he takes home, as he may be burdened with other commitments already.

"His money isn't your hard-earned money, that's too much! Be content and thankful with what you have," said one person.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Is a RM7,000 branded bag too much to ask for from a partner? Let us know!

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