Haidilao Teases A New Service At Its IOI Puchong Branch & Netizens Think It's Hair Washing

I mean, what else could it be? ( ¬ -̮ ¬)

Cover image via Haidilao US (Facebook) & RDNE Stock project (Pexels)

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Besides serving delicious, belly-warming hot pot, renowned restaurant chain Haidilao is also known for offering unique services, including manicures and leather shoe cleaning services

But it seems like Haidilao is about to introduce a new service that'll leave customers feeling satisfied from head to toe.

Image via 36Kr

Haidilao Malaysia recently posted a "hair-raising" teaser on their social media accounts, hinting at a new service that will be available at its IOI Puchong branch

The details remain shrouded in secrecy, with the hot pot chain giving away nothing except for just three keywords: "care", "gentleness", and "first overseas location".

The post ends by encouraging netizens to share their guesses about what this mysterious new service could be. 

This sparked a flurry of speculation among Haidilao enthusiasts.

The general consensus: the new service will be hair washing, or at least some kind of hair care service

"After you're done eating and your hair smells, maybe the restaurant will let girls wash their hair?" one netizen commented.

Recently, a Hadilao branch in Wuxi, China, gained attention for piloting a hair-washing service for customers who didn't want to carry the hot pot smell home

This special service could be redeemed with Haidilao loyalty points, also known as Lao coins.

A 20-minute hair wash session costs about 200 Lao coins, which is equivalent to 200 yuan (about RM130.80).

But until we get official word about what this new service actually is, we'll just have to hold onto our hair.

These two Haidilao staff have "performance" as their middle name:

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