There's A Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition Called SH/FT 2019 In Publika & It Is Stunning

It features Malaysia's independent artists and collectives!

Cover image via Tsa Meera/Ajim Juxta

This Spotlight is sponsored by CENDANA.

SH/FT 2019 is a contemporary visual art exhibition that features 42 Malaysian artists and collectives

DEAD END (2019) by digital artist Azarikh.

Image via @azarikh/Instagram

Commissioned by CENDANA (Cultural Economy Development Agency), SH/FT is led by a curatorial team of three members from Malaysia, independent curator Sharmin Parameswaran, associate curator Singapore Biennale 2016 Nur Hanim Khairuddin, and co-founder of alternative space Minut Init curator James Ly. SH/FT explores the theme of change, with a focus on identity, technology, and popular culture.

The exhibition is conducted through a more contemporary curation of artworks and will surely pique your interest – we mean it!

Take note of the details:
Date: 1-11 August 2019
Time: Weekdays 11am-7pm | Weekends 11am-8pm
Venue: Black Box & White Box, MAP Publika
Admission: Free

RGB (2018) by visual artist Tsa Meera.

Image via @tsa_meera/Instagram

From painters and sculptors, to programmers and contemporary origami artists, SH/FT 2019 hopes to showcase the best in Malaysia's art scene

Stencil art by Tomi Heri in collaboration with graffiti artist Snake Two.

Image via @tomiheri/Instagram

“For SH/FT, we reached out to engage with a wide network of artists and creative-types, asking the question of how can we continue to encourage robust and dynamic participation in the visual arts ecosystem. In turn, further showcasing our artistic talent to a wider audience.

With the open-call for applications, we were pleasantly surprised and encouraged with the artists who applied; ranging from painters, graffiti artists, architects, designers, fashion practitioners and even programmers. Each presenting a thought or point of view on living in contemporary Malaysia.

We are living in a turbulent time, and yet an extremely exciting time for the visual arts,” said Nur Hanim Khairuddin.

Check out some of the independent Malaysian artists who will be featured at the exhibition:

1. Ajim Juxta - An award-winning visual artist who works in several mediums, including pen and ink, found-object sculptures, and paintings on canvas

Ajim's work centres around the ideas of dystopian realities that result in those pursuing personal utopias. It will definitely make you think twice about your personal priorities!

2. Nabihah Haiyee - Self-described 'fold freak' who specialises in the art of contemporary origami

Using mediums such as paper and linen, Nabihah creates meticulously folded masterpieces. If you love clean lines and crisp shapes, you'll adore her work!

3. Lee Mok Yee - Uses existing materials, both physical and conceptual, to create works that reflect his own culture and political background

His sculptures explore ideas of material reuse and transformation, using patterns, rhythm, and geometry to tell a story.

4. Kara Inez - Touching on issues surrounding the female body and mental health through mediums such as performance art and sculpture

She is known for the use of abject materials in her works such as hair and skin to invoke the feeling of disgust. You're guaranteed to feel uncomfortable looking at her art, which is exactly what she wants!

5. Cristjen Lai - A watercolour specialist famed for his stunningly detailed goldfish paintings

Inspired by his childhood memories, goldfish is one of the crucial subjects in Cristjen's creations. Hand-painted with incredible precision, the detail and vibrant use of colour makes his work unforgettable.

6. Max Jala - A fusion of technology and coding that pushes the boundaries of visual art

Max is both a visual artist and a programmer, using his skills to create moving art. He experiments with computer-coded patterns and interactive pieces to achieve unique art installations that will leave you mesmerised.

"With SH/FT we also worked collectively with the artists to curate and present their works," says Sharmin Parameswaran

Sharmin adds, "Ideally through engagement and appraisal of the public, this exhibition presents a spring board that is able to elevate some, if not all, of the artists to a different level in their art practice."

With more than 42 works to be showcased, you're definitely in for a treat! Here's the full list of artists and collectives at SH/FT 2019:

Image via CENDANA

SH/FT supports all artistic practises such as painting, printing, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, sound art, and new media

Under CENDANA’s 'Art In The City' initiative, SH/FT closes the campaign that started in 2018 and hopes to create a platform that contributes to the sustainability of the independent artists and collectives and art associations, artists that are working on their own and that require more platforms to showcase their work to a wider audiences of art lovers.

CENDANA hopes to continue working closely with the arts community in making Malaysia known for its great art and artists, and for Kuala Lumpur to be positioned toward a cultural and creative city.

Life's A Struggle (2014) by visual artist C.C. Kua.

Image via Artemis Art Gallery

So grab your friends and head over to SH/FT 2019 for the best in Malaysian contemporary art! Get more information here.

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