If You Cook, Clean, Or Do Dishes At Home, These Gloves From Japan Will Be Your Life-Saver

They give your hands the protection they need!

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Washing dishes can be such a pain... literally

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Just when you're done washing all the plates, cups, cutlery, serving dishes, pots and pans, someone else puts something else in the sink. It's an endless cycle.

On top of that, your hands are constantly in contact with water and dish soap, which can cause your skin to get rough, damaged, and cut. These little abrasions on your skin actually make you more susceptible to getting a cold and falling sick.

Actually, cleaning your house is definitely a chore and can do loads of damage to your hands

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Bathrooms, sinks, toilets, counter tops, floors... it never ends. Right, Cinderella?

Luckily, there's a quick and easy fix that many Malaysians overlook

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Gloves! Yup, the solution is as simple as it sounds. Gloves help protect your skin, prevent cold sores and nasty infections, as well as keeping your manicure on point ;)

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And these gloves from Japan are perfect as they protect your hands from the strong chemicals in cleaning detergents

With loads of different colour options, SHOWA uses high quality PVC to create comfortable, flock-lined gloves that can be used for a variety of purposes:

- Cleaning bathrooms
- Scrubbing the stove top and oven
- Washing dishes
- Picking up after pets, and more!

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The great thing about these powder-free gloves is that they provide full dexterity and increased grip, so you don't have to worry about dropping a soapy plate or not being able to get into tricky corners when you clean

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These reusable, washable gloves are also super kawaii! Check out the different options available:

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  • Saratto - Choose between pink and green for a smooth and comfortable fit
  • Fuwatto - Gentle, soft, and fluffy, these gloves come in pink and purple
  • Surutto - The most affordable of the range, these gloves are a staple of any household
  • Petit - Perfect for people with small hands and even for the kids to help out!

When it comes to cooking and food prep, SHOWA has special powder-free and silicon-free gloves, which are perfect if you're dealing with super spicy chilies

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The Rose Pink disposable gloves are safe for food contact and come in a dispenser box that's convenient to hang anywhere in your kitchen.

You'll never get that after-burn feeling for chili padi again!

Check out SHOWA's cool kitchen tips below:

But that's not all. If you have a green thumb, SHOWA are world-renowned for their gardening gloves too!

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SHOWA 381 are ultra-lightweight, durable, and extremely comfortable, making them ideal for precision handling tasks. With embossed microporous nitrile palms, they reduce perspiration and keep your hands dry while you work outdoors.

The revolutionary SHOWA-engineered microfibre liner provides oil and light liquid protection, and are designed for easy movement. So your hands remain comfortable yet protected while you care for your garden and plants.

Watch SHOWA's handy gardening tips:

Ready to keep your hands protected while you work? Check out the SHOWA collection here!

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