Indomie Released A BBQ Version Of Mi Goreng And It Has Its Own Packet Of Potato Chips


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From haze to football fights, Malaysia and Indonesia may not always see eye to eye.

However, if there was one thing that could unite us, it would probably be our undying love for Indomie.

If you're a big fan of these sinful noodles, then you've probably heard of the Indomie Mi Goreng-flavoured potato chips

Chitato, an Indonesian brand best known for their crinkle-cut potato chips, released chips that taste just like the instant noodles back in 2016.

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Mi Goreng-flavoured potato chips was the perfect crossover.

Until Indomie decided to step up their game by releasing Chitato Beef BBQ potato chips flavoured noodles!

Our latest addition to the family, Mi Goreng Chitato Beef BBQ- noodles made with potato starch and potato chips topping,...

Posted by Indomie Malaysia on Monday, 9 December 2019
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As its name suggests, the Mi Goreng Chitato Beef BBQ instant noodles have a smoky, barbecue flavour

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There's even crushed up Chitato chips in the packet

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Besides the potato chips, another thing that makes these noodles special is that they are made with potato starch, unlike the original one which uses wheat flour

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With all the condiments mixed together, the noodles are packed with flavour

The umami taste of the soy sauce goes well with the nuttiness of the sesame oil, while the hint of spiciness from the chili helps pull all the flavours together.

The crunch from the crushed up Chitato chips also adds a fun texture!

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While the BBQ flavour is pretty mild, it's still a great bowl of instant noodles

One could never go wrong with Indomie, regardless the flavour!

According to Indomie Malaysia's Facebook page, you can find the Indomie Mi Goreng Chitato Beef BBQ at your nearest convenience store.

We bought ours from Jaya Grocer for RM1.99 a packet.

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Grab one and try it out for yourself today! It's okay, your diet can wait.

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