Need A Cheese Fix? This Cheesy Pizza Is Eaten In 3 Easy Steps: Pull, Dip, and Pop!

Pizza party to end the year y'all!

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Now that we're approaching the end of the year, any idea about how you're gonna celebrate?

In case you missed it, it's already December guys! Time for you to celebrate the end of another year. Yes, we still gotta practise physical distancing this time around, but all that means is we gotta get creative and adapt. Virtual party allll the waaaaay!  

With the right peeps, virtual parties can be pretty lit. Believe it or not, there's LOADS of fun activities to choose from. You can start a watch party, host online games, or maybe even challenge each other to a dance-off. The sky is the limit lah :D

What's better than a virtual party? One with a lotta cheesy goodness~

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Yasss a virtual pizza party! All you pizza enthusiasts out there are gonna get a kick out of this, as the main attraction IS the main course. You can pakat pakat with your pizza pals and get fresh, hot pizza delivered to each others' doorsteps, maybe even belanja one another. Sharing is caring, riiiight?

Pizza Hut wants you to celebrate those feel good moments by tucking in to their limited edition, Cheesy Poppers Pizza!

With as many as eighteen poppers, each of them is stuffed with two types of cheeses for that ultimate ooey-gooey experience

Imagine pulling out these mozzarella and cheddar cheese-filled poppers and watching that cheese pull before your very eyes. Better yet, imagine sinking your teeth into it :9

And the toppings, you ask? This yummy treat is peppered with an abundance of chunky toppings like crispy pepperoni and chicken meatballs, with a special smoky tomato BBQ sauce. It even comes with its own cheese dip! Now you can drench those poppers in EVEN. MORE. CHEESE. Perfect for a cheesylicious pizza party. 

Whether it's delivery or take-away, you get to enjoy these discount promotions!

You can get the Cheesy Poppers Pizza ala carte or as a combo meal, especially if you wanna share share with your fam.

Delivery order
Enjoy 10% discount on Cheesy Poppers Pizza ala carte and combo when purchased via online delivery.

Take-away order
Enjoy 20% discount on Cheesy Poppers Pizza ala carte and combo when purchased via takeaway (online takeaway and walk-in)

As we approach the end of 2020, this limited edition Cheesy Poppers Pizza's days are numbered, as it's only available until 31 December 2020. Faster go and order this pizza before it's gone forevaaaaa D:

It's been a tough year on all of us, which is why it's important for us to cherish the simple joys in life. Enjoying a delectable meal with your loved ones is a great way to end 2020, no matter how cheesy it sounds ;)

Aside from digging in to the Cheesy Poppers Pizza during your pizza party, you can also bust a move with Pizza Hut's #PizzaHutPullDipPop TikTok dance with your peeps

Have your siblings, parents, and even your uncles and aunties take part lah! This fun and inclusive activity is meant for everybody, plus it's a fun addition to your virtual pizza party. Make sure you practise before posting it online kay ;D

Go ahead, celebrate the end of 2020 by getting the Cheesy Poppers Pizza delivered to you today!

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