Don't Wanna Go Out? foodpanda Will Deliver Your Groceries To You In Less Than 30 Minutes

You can even get extra discounts when you order directly from pandamart!

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Here's a fun fact – ice cream is one of the top 10 things Malaysians order when they shop for groceries online :DDD

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Surprising, rightt?!

According to foodpanda, the top 10 things customers order when grocery shopping are mineral water, bread, milk, instant noodles, energy drinks, instant coffee, eggs, fruits, fresh chicken, and ice cream.

Whatever you want to stock up on, whether it's fresh groceries, snacks, or frozen foods, foodpanda has got you covered.

In fact, they recently rolled out their shops and pandamart features that allow you to get your groceries delivered to your doorstep in less than 30 minutes! :D

The great thing is that you can order from over 3,000 foodpanda shops nationwide, including stores like FamilyMart, 7-Eleven, Watsons, Lulu Hypermarket, Tesco, and many more. Besides your everyday groceries, foodpanda shops offers a variety of products from health and pharmaceuticals, to electronics and baby supplies.

Plus, you can also directly order from pandamart - foodpanda's very own online grocery shop with all your daily essentials.

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Here's how you can order your groceries on their app or website:

STEP 1: Key in your address location
STEP 2: Choose "Shops"
STEP 3: Select one of your favourite stores or pandamart
STEP 4: Add your items to cart, checkout, and your groceries will be delivered to you!

Besides that, you'll get to enjoy all kinds of benefits when you get your groceries delivered with foodpanda shops or pandamart

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1. Enjoy delivery in less than 30 minutes
Imagine having to drive to the grocery store, park, and then wait in line to pay. Chances are, it'll take you at least an hour. With foodpanda, they promise to deliver in less than 30 minutes; if you choose the pandamart option, you can get it even faster within 15 minutes! :D

2. Shop from your favourite stores without leaving your home
Now, you can choose from over 3,000 stores and shop for groceries in the comfort of your home. This means you can avoid traffic congestion, parking hassles, and crowded public places.

3. Save more with exclusive discount codes
When you shop on foodpanda shops or pandamart, you'll be paying the same price as in-store. Plus, with lots of discount codes available every month, this will help you enjoy greater savings.

For a limited time only in November, you can enjoy RM8 off all your pandamart orders!

Checkout with promo code JOMPANDAMART to get RM8 off when you spend RM30 or more. This promotion is limited to four orders per customer and is only available while stocks last.

Ready to get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep? Find out more by visiting the foodpanda website or download the app today!

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