18-Year-Old Boy In Taiping Jumps To His Death On New Year's Eve In An Apparent Suicide

"I am already dead, you all can come and join my activity."

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A teenager died when he fell from a shopping mall in Taiping, Perak on New Year's Eve

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The 18-year-old boy was instantly killed after plunging from the sixth floor car park at the shopping mall in an apparent suicide.

The deceased has been identified as Lee Horng Chin Hang Siew Chun from Pokok Assam, who was awaiting his SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) results.

According to the police, two knives were found at the scene

Taiping District Police acting chief Superintendent Razlam Ab Hamid reportedly said that the police received a call at about 8.25pm on the night the incident happened.

When the police arrived at the scene minutes later, they discovered the boy on the ground with severe injuries.

"The youth was pronounced dead and we also found a knife in the youth's right hand while another knife was found near the youth," he said in a media statement, as reported by Astro Awani.

CCTV recordings at the mall revealed what happened moments before the teenager fell onto the ground

The police reviewed CCTV (closed-circuit television) recordings and found that the youth went up to the sixth floor in a Suzuki Swift before alighting from the car.

"Footage (from another angle) showed the youth falling onto the road behind the mall," Razlam said in a statement, as reported by New Straits Times.

It is believed that Lee used a chair, which the police found on the sixth floor of the mall's parking lot, to climb over the wall of the parking lot.

It is believed that the teenager left a message before his death

Image via Sin Chew

Media reports stated that the Lee apparently wrote a message in Chinese on his Facebook profile just hours before his death, saying, "I am already dead, you all can come and join my activity."

A Facebook event was also shared on the same profile on the same day, which states the event - the youth's funeral - will be held at Prestavest Memorial Park Taiping on 1 January 2018.

It was learned that Lee celebrated his father's birthday just two days earlier. News of his death came as a shock to his family members as he did not appear to display any unusual behaviour before the apparent suicide.

China Press reported that the family later discovered after the tragic incident, that the teenager had deleted all messages in his phone.

Image via Facebook

The case is still under police investigation

According to Razlam, the body was sent to the Taiping Hospital for post-mortem. Results revealed that the cause of the death is fatal injuries, consistent with a fall from height.

So far, the police find that there is no criminal element involved in the case based on the current investigation.

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