All You Need To Know About The Molest Case Against Former Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo

Jason admitted to being the subject of an exclusive report by The Star on 25 May, which alleged that he had been molesting his daughters.

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On Saturday, 25 May, an exclusive report by The Star revealed that a former telco CEO had allegedly been molesting his daughters since 2015

Former Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo

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Following social media frenzy over the weekend, ex-CEO of Tune Talk Jason Lo admitted to being the subject involved in the exposé through a Facebook post earlier today, 28 May.  

Free Malaysia Today reported that the exclusive report was based on police reports filed by Jason's ex-wife who made the allegations. 

17 police reports have been lodged against the former CEO since 2015.

Here's what we know so far:

1. Jason was arrested on 16 May after allegedly trespassing on his ex-wife's house

According to New Straits Times, he was detained at the Hulu Kelang police station after the incident.

The former CEO, who is also a musician, allegedly broke the front door of his ex-wife's house before issuing a death threat following a verbal argument. 

He was released on bail on 19 May, a day before his four-day remand ended. 

2. Despite the 17 police reports against Jason alleging molestation, some of them had been classified as No Further Action (NFA)

D11 principal assistant director Asst Comm Choo Lily revealed that her department was previously told about a lack of evidence in the case.

"The case was shelved temporarily as prosecutors claimed there were not enough statements, which prevented it from proceeding further in court," Choo was quoted as saying by New Straits Times.

The Star reported Choo as confirming that the case is being reviewed to "get a clearer picture on what happened during the investigation".

Asst Comm Choo Lily

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Nonetheless, Malay Mail reported Bukit Aman Criminal Investigations Director Datuk Huzir Mohamed as saying that the police reports will be reviewed. 

"We are going to review back all those reports and go through one by one and if there is evidence, if there is the need for us to record further statements... we will do it," Huzir said. 

According to The Star, Huzir refused to reveal how many of the 17 reports were classified as NFA.

3. Although Jason and his ex-wife have joint custody of their two daughters and one son, he had not seen his boy for seven months

According to The Star, the two girls, aged 12 and 14, are currently staying with the musician. Meanwhile, Jason's son is living with the mother. 

However, in a lengthy Facebook post today, the musician alleged that he had not seen his nine-year-old son in seven months.

"(My son) was taken for what was to be a one-night sleepover with his mother (last Deepavali)... He never returned to school the next day. I filed missing persons report and have not seen or heard from him for over seven months," Jason claimed. 

"He has not been back to school. I do not know his status... He is missing. I have not seen him or contacted him in all that time," he added.

4. Jason has accused his ex-wife of using The Star to tarnish his reputation following a bitter divorce in 2015

His 12-year-old daughter, whom his ex claimed was sexually abused, was found with urinary tract infection following an examination by Universiti Malaya Medical Centre at the time of the 'incident' – where she was eight years old at the time.

Jason also refuted allegations that he had put his penis into the hand of his 14-year-old daughter, who was 10 years old at the time.

"I do lay down with the kids to tell bedtime stories. Unfortunately for The Star, I do not put my penis in anyone’s hand but my own," he wrote.

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"The Star has, most indecently and irresponsibly, printed a front-page story... in a vicious attempt to destroy the lives, welfare, and livelihood of my family," the former CEO wrote in his Facebook post. 

"To say it was by any measure, 'false reporting', 'omitting key facts', writing 'fiction' or 'bias' would be an understatement," he added.

Jason also defended his act of trespassing his ex-wife's home, claiming that he was attempting to retrieve his "kidnapped" son.

5. While The Star previously attempted to contact Jason for his side of the story, the former CEO refused to respond

"(It) was (an) attempt to bait or blackmail a response from me, this is long after investigations... and years of evidence being presented," Jason wrote. 

"After all that, what 'opportunity' did the innocent require from The Star to reprove a court ruling? I couldn't quite understand what this was. I did not respond, I respond only to the Officers at PDRM," he added.

Jason uploaded a screenshot of messages from a journalist at The Star.

Image via Facebook

The musician also hit out at The Star for its exposé, arguing that it is unacceptable to "mess with" his kids.

"They have already been bombarded with new friend requests by the hundreds and they are at an age where kids can read the front page and be cruel," Jason said. 

6. Following a threat to sue The Star, Jason called for an end to cyberbullying

The former CEO wrote that the journalists who wrote the exposé, their editors, legal team, CEO, and shareholders who propagated an "absolute disgrace to the profession" would have to answer according to the country's laws, reported Free Malaysia Today

"I hold you accountable for your irresponsible actions and am ready to break the wheel," Jason said. 

However, in another Facebook post, the musician pleaded the public to not threaten any individuals. 

"The writers have families too and children and it is Ramadhan... I do not wish ill upon others no matter what they did. I call for an end to cyber bullying," Jason added.

Jason's Facebook post can be viewed here:

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