Angry Delivery Rider Hurls Customer's Drink At Store Employees In Penang

The dispute allegedly broke out after another rider replaced him to deliver an order.

Cover image via FUMI HONEY HOUSE 福蜜 (Facebook)

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A delivery rider was caught on camera throwing a drink and a menu at the staff of a restaurant in Penang

In a surveillance camera footage shared by Fumi Honey House on their Facebook page, two delivery riders can be seen arriving at the shop at the same time, one was in a foodpanda jacket, while the other had a blue helmet on.

The incident took place at 4pm when the owner and an employee were working behind the cashier.

According to the post, an order was given to another rider after the initial rider took too long to arrive. However, according to the footage, both the riders arrived at the same time, leading to a commotion in the store.

Image via Facebook

The new rider in the blue helmet, angered by the situation then launched a drink that was on the counter, presumed to be an order for another customer, towards the two women

"He argued with our staff because he was unhappy that he was replaced. He then threw the beverages at our female employee, who was scared and started crying," said Fumi Honey House on Facebook.

The owner said she began telling the delivery rider that his behaviour was unacceptable.

However, she said he then threw a menu at her, challenging her to call the police if she dared and threatening that his house was just behind the store.

Image via Facebook

The store has since filed a police report against the rider but the owner said no action could be taken as he did not cause any damage to the property, nor inflict any injuries

According to Sin Chew Daily, what had happened was that the restaurant had been waiting for the delivery rider for over half an hour, before they decided to notify the foodpanda system to arrange for a new rider to deliver the order.

The owners clarified that they were not authorised to replace delivery riders, but were worried that the customer would file a complaint for the delay.

Image via Facebook

foodpanda has since responded to the situation, stating that they do not tolerate any kind of violence from their riders

According to The Rakyat Post, foodpanda expressed their regret over the unsatisfactory experience the food merchant had with their riders.

They also stated that their riders do not represent their company as a whole, as they are independent contractors.

Meanwhile, the owners hope that the delivery company would take action on the riders. They alleged that one of the riders involved is still delivering food under another identity.

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