A Woman Was Gruesomely Murdered And Her Body Was Dismembered By A Guy She Met On Tinder

The suspect allegedly committed suicide as his body was found hanging from a tree a few days later.

Cover image via Facebook/CNA via Taiwan News

On 27 May, the authorities in Taiwan discovered the dismembered body of a 27-year-old woman

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Image from Appledaily
Image via Appledaily

According to media reports, the police found multiple plastic bags containing a woman's dismembered remains buried in a garden of a building complex while investigating a missing person's case involving a woman named Huang I-Min.

The Straits Times reported that Huang was last seen alive with her boyfriend, Gary Chu Chun-ying, based on a closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage reviewed by the police that shows her entering Chu's flat in New Taipei City's Banqiao District on 20 May.

Chu, an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter and boxing coach from New Taipei, reportedly met Huang on the mobile dating platform, Tinder.

Huang's family lodged a police report on 26 May, after they had lost contact with her for about a week.

It was learned that Huang's brother had claimed that Chu was holding his sister against her will

Gary Chu allegedly murdered his girlfriend, whom he met on Tinder.

Image via Facebook via Taiwan News

Huang's brother apparently appealed to members of a Facebook Group on 26 May to help look for his missing sister as he feared that she might be in danger. He alleged that Chu had a history of abusing women, including a woman purported to be his ex-wife.

Taiwan News reported Chu as responding in a Facebook post on the same day about his girlfriend, saying that he had never been mean or violent to Huang. Chu also denied that Huang was missing, saying that his girlfriend was actually with him all along.

The 28-year-old also claimed that Huang had deceived him into thinking that she was a virgin and that Huang had been cheating on him with several other men, adding that Huang had promised to change, but "in the end, she did not".

"She was the one who kept looking for me. She told me how much she loved me, how much she needed me. I broke up with her, but she begged me to let her stay," read the post on Chu's profile, as reported by The Straits Times

It was alleged that Chu murdered Huang and stuffed her body into at least eight different bags after she lied about her virginity, before he ultimately committed suicide

A screengrab of a surveillance footage showing Chu hiding Huang's dismembered body.

Image via CNA via Taiwan News

According to Taiwan News, Chu's body was found hanging by the neck from a tree near a hospital in the Xinzhuang District on 28 May, one day after the police found Huang's dismembered body.

Police found a bag of items beside Chu's body, including a suicide note with the words: "She wronged me."

A report by Apple Daily stated that the police initially found seven bags containing Huang's body parts on 27 May, but later discovered another bag on Wednesday, 30 May.

The police have yet to find Huang's missing internal organs while local media is rife with speculations about what happened to them.

Police found another bag containing Huang's body on 30 May.

Image via CNA via Taiwan News

The latest development in the case apparently points to Chu's parents, who are said to have been involved in helping to cover up their son's alleged crime

Taipei Times quoted the local police who said that Chu's parents have been questioned as possible accessories to murder and listed as "persons of interest".

It was learned that a CCTV footage from the building allegedly shows Chu's parents arriving at his apartment soon after the murder. The authorities believed that Chu's parents were aware of what had happened as they helped to clean the place and left with clothing and bedsheets.

Meanwhile, media reports have also surfaced alleging that Chu, who was raised and educated in the US, had a history with violence and a criminal record in the US for bank robbery.

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