Fired Manager Killed In Accident An Hour After Allegedly Setting Old Workplace On Fire

The police believe the suspect committed the crime as he was dissatisfied with being let go.

Cover image via Viral Perak (Facebook)

A former factory manager in Ipoh was killed by a lorry after he allegedly trespassed into his old workplace and tried to set it on fire for revenge

According to Bernama, Ipoh police chief ACP A Asmadi Abdul Aziz said the incident occurred at 6.42pm on Thursday, 5 November.

The 56-year-old suspect was believed to have driven a grey Honda Civic and crashed it into the factory building in the Chemor industrial area.

"After stopping the car, the suspect then threw a bottle of petrol into the human resources office and went back into his car to crash into the Production Labelling Department which caused a fire," said Asmadi last night, as quoted by Sinar Harian.

According to the police chief, the suspect then ran away from the scene of the crime and left the factory through the main door by foot

Asmadi said the Fire and Rescue Department managed to put out the fire quickly and reported that no one was injured.

However, the factory is estimated to have suffered a loss of about RM1 million due to the havoc and fire.

About an hour later, the police then received a report of a fatal accident of a person being hit by a lorry at Jalan Kuala Kangsar

According to Asmadi, they later determined it was the suspect that was killed in front of the IGB International Industrial Park at 7.45pm.

"The suspect was believed to have been hit by a trailer while running away from the scene of the incident. Public witnesses said he seemed to be crossing the road when it happened," the police chief said.

"However, the investigation is still ongoing and the cause of the incident is believed to be that the suspect was dissatisfied with his suspension in September due to disciplinary problems."

He said the case is being investigated under Section 427 and 448 of the Penal Code for causing mischief and trespassing, as well as Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for causing death by reckless or dangerous driving.

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