"Is It Not Enough?" — Husband Asks How Wife Spent RM200 He Provided For Household Expenses

She replied that she bought daily necessities and even gave him some money back for petrol.

Cover image via Rumahtangga Bahagia Selamanya (Facebook) & jcomp/Freepik

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A screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between a husband and wife discussing household expenses recently went viral on social media

In the anonymous conversation, the husband could be seen accusingly questioning his wife about how she spent the allowance he gave her for the week.

"Didn't I give you RM200 last week? Is that not enough?" began the conversation.

"You couldn't have possibly finished it already? What did you buy? I didn't see anything that you bought," he asked in the following messages.

The wife then made a list, showing that she bought daily necessities amounting to a total of RM165

She spent RM25 on chicken, RM10 on vegetables, RM30 on milk powder for the children, RM13 on a 5kg bag of rice, RM12 on eggs, RM50 on kitchen ingredients including cooking oil, flour, biscuits, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, and turmeric powder, RM10 on washing detergent, and RM15 on shampoo.

She added that she even gave him some money back to spend on petrol and some to their children for school.

"Next time, I'll give you the receipt for everything I buy," replied his wife.

"If not, let's go and buy things together so you can pay straight away," she suggested.

"I did not take a single sen of yours for myself. All (the money) is for the family," she added, saying that no money was spent on her personal needs.

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The conversation drew ire from many women who related to the wife's experience and did not agree with the man's behaviour

The post on Facebook community group 'Rumahtangga Bahagia Selamanya' has since garnered over 3,000 comments and 11,000 shares.

"This species of husbands... You should let him go out and buy things with the RM200 allowance he gives you, then he will know. Everything is expensive now, and he still wants to question you when he only gave you RM200 to feed a family," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"Belittling his wife. He hasn't even considered how tired she is going shopping, taking care of the children, managing the household, and cooking. If a husband dare says this once, let them do everything, then they will know [just how much his wife does]," said another.

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"I also find it strange when husbands like asking where the money went. They don't understand, or just don't know, how much things cost nowadays," said another netizen, who said her husband trusts her with their household spending.

"I'm thankful to have a husband who understands, instead of looking for where the money went. If he earns extra, he gives me more to spend and asks me to buy something I like. Alhamdulillah," she added.

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