"I Only Had A Few Bites" — Influencer Disappointed After Spending RM12,000 On Omakase

In the post, Qiuwen wrote that she couldn't finish her food and had to ask her boyfriend to finish it for her.

Cover image via China Press & @qiuwen1014 (Instagram)

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Malaysian content creator Qiuwen recently posted an Instagram Story about her birthday celebration at a high-end Japanese omakase restaurant that did not live up to her expectations

The influencer posted several photos of the food she ordered, including a handroll and a plate of tofu.

Qiuwen said the sushi handroll was unappealing as if it was prepared "insincerely", and that the carrot strips were difficult to bite on.

The influencer also complained about the blandness of the tofu, describing it as hard to eat.

"I was so excited to try the Japanese food, but I was let down. There were 12 of us, and the bill came to at least RM10,000," Qiuwen wrote in her Instagram post.

Image via China Press
Image via China Press

Quiwen also shared photos of the "unpalatable" dessert she had ordered

After taking a few bites of the dessert, Qiuwen claimed that the presentation of the Japanese steamed egg custard was unappealing, adding that the food looked like it was not carefully prepared and was unpalatable.

In the post, Qiuwen also wrote that she couldn't finish her food and had to ask her boyfriend to finish it for her.

"The omakase I've been eating all this while was meticulously prepared, with no details overlooked. I only had a few bites of some of the food, and my boyfriend helped in finishing the rest," wrote the influencer.

The influencer shared that she spent RM12,659.10 for her birthday dinner at the restaurant.

Image via China Press
Image via China Press

To add context to the story, omakase is a type of Japanese dining in which guests leave themselves in the hands of a chef and receive a meal that is seasonal, elegant, artistic, and made with the best ingredients available

According to Live Japan, customers are typically served high-quality sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes that taste distinct from those found in other Japanese restaurants.

Here are other times customers were taken aback by the price of their meal when they received the bill:

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