Malaysia's "First Adult Film Studio" Seeks Potential Local Actors On Instagram

The studio is purportedly offering RM500 per shoot.

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An individual claiming to represent the "first and only porn studio" in Malaysia has taken to Instagram to search for potential actors for its inaugural adult film

A concerned member of the public recently shared their experience with SAYS, revealing that they received a series of private messages on Instagram from the individual.

The messages were an attempt to recruit them as talent, promising a payment of RM500 per shoot. A copy of the conversation, obtained by SAYS, outlined the studio's requirements and what aspiring "actors" could expect from their involvement in the erotic movie.

According to the person claiming to be the studio's producer, the shoot is expected to last between three and five hours, with no actual sex between actors.

However, nudity is a requirement for the role.

When asked about the movie's availability, the representative explained that aside from hosting the content on the studio's website, the videos would also be distributed on various platforms selling adult content, primarily targeting international audiences

One of the platforms where they intend to host pornographic content is OnlyFans, a popular Internet content subscription service primarily used by local and international adult content creators.

"We are still in the pre-production process and have not conducted our first shoot yet. We might be the first and only porn studio in Malaysia so far," the individual stated.

Despite operating within Malaysia, the studio intends to maintain the anonymity of its actors and promises to refrain from mentioning the country in any of its content.

All actors will have the option to use screen names or aliases to protect their privacy, with no binding contracts in place. Additionally, the studio might offer actors the opportunity for subsequent projects based on their performance.

"We can arrange a meeting outside at a restaurant or cafe to discuss the production in detail. This would be a great opportunity for me to present the entire concept of this production," the representative added.

"As long as she's pretty to me, I'll take her," said the individual

When asked how he discovered the victim's Instagram account, the producer stated that their profile appeared on another woman's followers list, implying that they scoured through various local women's accounts to hire them as adult actors.

The producer added that they randomly approached potential actors who fit the studio's criteria.

"If you want me to be specific, you have that rough but at the same time stylish look. There's an edge to you.

"I'm not necessarily forced to look for women with big boobs or big asses. As long as she's pretty to me, I'll take her," said the producer.

They went on to ask the victim whether they were located in Kuala Lumpur, which suggests that the studio operates in the capital city.

Pornography is unlawful in Malaysia, making the emergence of such a studio a topic of concern and scrutiny

The country has strict regulations and laws against the production, distribution, and possession of explicit adult content. Offenders can face severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment if caught engaging in activities related to pornography.

SAYS has reached out to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the police for comments regarding the matter, but has yet to receive a reply.

In May, half-Malaysian model Alice Wong became the second woman from Hong Kong to star in a Japanese adult video (AV):

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