Man Frustrated After Ordering Pizza At 6PM But Only Found It On His Doorstep At Midnight

Raihan went to the store at 8pm to check on his order, but left the pizza chain empty-handed.

Cover image via Muhammad Raihan (Facebook)

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A Singaporean man recently vented on Facebook about a bad experience he had while ordering a pizza on a food delivery app

The customer, Muhammad Raihan, said that he ordered his pizza at 5.53pm on Tuesday, 24 January, and did not opt for a contactless delivery.

After placing his order, the application notified him that his food would be delivered to his doorstep by 6.35pm.

However, Raihan slowly became frustrated when his food did not arrive long after 6.35pm.

Finally, at 8pm, after failing to contact the pizza outlet multiple times, he decided to visit the store himself to check on the order

At the time, he said he "still had no sight of the pizza" and returned home empty-handed.

All the while, he was checking his phone but the application indicated that his order was still being prepared.

Minutes turned to hours, and he still had not received his food by midnight.

"The app showed that my food was being prepared and still not delivered at 11.59pm," he said.

Eventually, he walked out of his house to check his front door and discovered his order sitting on his shoe rack

The customer expressed anger that both the rider and the app did not notify him that his food was delivered.

"The deliveryman did not even bother to knock on my door after delivering the food," he said.

"Seriously. What the heck is wrong with the delivery services here?"

Netizens chimed in with their opinions about his complaint in the comments section

One user commented that riders would usually just hang customer's orders at the front door and leave.

Image via Facebook

Another asked if the order was delayed due to the Chinese New Year holiday.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, one user suggested paying for food delivery orders in cash so that the rider would knock on the door and deliver the food on time.

Image via Facebook

SAYS contacted foodpanda to request a statement regarding this incident, and they have since apologised for the inconvenience

"We are sorry to hear that Mr Raihan faced a delay in his recent order on our platform. All Domino’s orders placed on foodpanda are managed and delivered by Domino’s own fleet of delivery personnel," a foodpanda spokesperson told SAYS.

"Should customers require updates or face issues with their Domino’s orders, they can reach out to the Domino’s hotline at 6222 6333."

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