Illegally Parked Sports Car In Mont Kiara Causes Garbage Collection Delay For Entire Condo

Be considerate of others.

Cover image via Daniel Noor/Mont Kiara Community (Facebook)

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A sports car was believed to have been illegally parked recently, causing an obstruction at a luxury condominium in Mont Kiara

Daniel Noor posted on the Mont Kiara Community Facebook page, alleging that a McLaren was irresponsibly parked, blocking the entrance/exit of the condominium and preventing a garbage truck from accessing the area.

"The dump truck cannot enter to pick up rubbish at 28 Mont Kiara all because this McLaren is blocking the entrance. Attitude problem," the caption reads.

Commenters expressed strong disapproval, criticising the driver for their inconsiderate behaviour

Some suggested tossing the car away with the garbage truck, while others thought it should be bulldozed.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Stop parking inconsiderably:

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