[VIDEO] Woman Breaks Window Of Double-Parked Myvi To Release Handbrake & Move It Away

And she did it all without hesitation.

Cover image via 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians (Facebook)

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A video shared on Facebook of a seemingly angry woman has recently gone viral because of how she handled a double-parked car that was blocking her vehicle

The one-minute-21-second video, recorded from afar, shows a woman standing next to a parked grey Perodua Myvi for a few moments before she starts elbowing the car's front passenger window. 

She then hits the window several times before smashing it and creating an opening.

She proceeds to slide her arms through the smashed window, opens the car door, and pulls down the handbrake.

And she did it all without hesitation. Not even the blaring sound of the car's alarm made her flinch.

Then, a man in a red T-shirt appears and seems to have also helped the woman.

The woman then pushes the car forward to make way for her car. She is then seen getting inside it and driving away from her parking spot.

Comments on the Facebook post was divided, with some supporting the woman's actions while some were against it

One person commented, "That's what you get. If you want to double park, at least leave your phone number. Don't be stupid. Now you have to replace your windows for nothing."

Some simply said the woman did a good job and gave her a thumbs up.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

On the other hand, there were those that expressed disdain towards the woman's actions, with some saying the police should investigate and fine the woman.

"What's so good about it? Even if it's double parked, we shouldn't be doing that. Should've called the authorities. Now both parties should be fined. We wouldn't know how it feels unless it happens to us. Is it really that great?" wrote one user.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

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