Putrajaya Man Delivers His Baby Son At Home After His Wife Went Into Labour 1 Day Early

Shahril Nizam said that he felt like crying out of disbelief that he delivered his baby without doctors and nurses, just depending on the help and guidance of the operator on the line.

Cover image via Shahril Nizam Mohd Sabrie (Provided to SAYS)

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A man in Putrajaya was forced to take the place of midwife and doctor after his wife suddenly went into labour at home a day earlier than her expected due date

According to Harian Metro, 37-year-old Siti Mariani was supposed to give birth on Tuesday, 31 August. However, on Monday, 30 August, she was crying out in pain and couldn't hold the baby in much longer.

At that moment, her husband, Shahril Nizam Mohd Sabrie, called an ambulance. However, in a Facebook post, the man noted that the operator had said that the ambulance will take a while to arrive.

At one point, the man yelled at the operator out of panic and asked the ambulance to hurry.

While waiting for the ambulance, Siti Mariani continued to groan in pain.

The phone operator on the line then gave instructions for the couple to follow.

"I was really stumped and did not know what needed to be done at the time because even if I wanted to lift my wife up, I didn't dare because she was heavily pregnant," the 41-year-old father explained to Harian Metro.

"So, I only listened to the instructions of the operator on the line who asked me to help my wife put her head on a pillow and cover her body with a towel," he added.

He then said, "I was really nervous but whether I wanted it or not, I had to try and do it even though my hands were trembling because I have zero experience facing a situation like this."

Shahril Nizam noted that he was scared that the baby would drown and could not be saved.

"Suddenly I saw the baby's head about to come out because my wife already started pushing then. At that time I screamed at the operator but they remained calm and gave me instructions to wait until the head is fully out. I asked again, not sure of what to do. If it were up to me I just wanted to pull it out thinking that the baby will drown as he didn't let out a sound," he wrote in his Facebook post.

"After a while of pushing, Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy and the baby came out fully. Thankfully the baby came out slowly, I had the chance to catch it and open its mouth a little bit before it let out a cry," he added.

He then elaborated, "At this moment, I really felt like I wanted to cry out of disbelief that I delivered my third baby myself without a doctor and nurses, just depending on the help and guidance of the operator on the line."

The baby was delivered safely at 3.35pm.

The father-of-three said that it was a priceless experience that he will never forget

The man noted that he had previously accompanied his wife when she delivered their first and second sons. However, he just watched from the sidelines while encouraging her.

"This time, I was alone helping my wife deliver our baby. It was challenging but I'm grateful and thankful to the operator on the line who helped me in that distressful moment," he said.

After he helped deliver the baby, the ambulance and health officials arrived. They helped to cut the umbilical cord and immediately took the mother and the child to the hospital.

Shahril Nizam then explained that his wife had returned from the hospital yesterday but the baby was still in the ward for monitoring. He had to stay at home and was not allowed to visit them due to current standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place.

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