[VIDEO] Motorcyclist Attacked For Asking Car To Move During Heavy Traffic In Glenmarie

The altercation reportedly took place after the rider asked the driver to move his car because there was not enough room for his motorcycle to pass through.

Cover image via @MALAYSIAVIRALL (Twitter)

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Traffic jams are a daily occurrence in Malaysia so you'd think we'd be used to them, but they can, and most often do, cause a lot of stress for those on the road.

In one incident recently, a driver attacked a motorcyclist just because the latter had asked to move the former's car.

In a 22-second video that has gone viral, a man in a black shirt can be seen throwing punches at another man in a blue shirt.

The fight allegedly took place on a road in Glenmarie that was seemingly heavily congested due to the rain.

Based on the tweets in the thread, the road where the altercation took place was said to be congested at the time due to the rain

Based on the caption of the video shared by Twitter page @MALAYSIAVIRALL, the person recording the video allegedly said that the motorcycle rider was unsatisfied with the driver of a car for not making way for the rider to pass through.

The rider is said to have asked the driver to move aside and make way for his motorcycle, although it is unclear if the rider had asked nicely or not.

"After asking, the driver then got out of his car and starts punching the rider."

The man in the black shirt finally stops hitting the rider after other passers-by rushed over to restrain the driver and break up the fight.

As of writing, the video has received over 347,000 views and been retweeted over 4,000 times, garnering mixed reactions from netizens over who was in the wrong

One Twitter user wrote that the road in Glenmarie is already terribly congested, so when people are stuck in traffic nobody should be entitled.

"He deserved it," read the comment.

Image via Twitter

"We don't know how the motorcyclist spoke to the driver that caused him to get punched, but hitting other people is not the solution," wrote another Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, other netizens took to defend the motorcyclist.

"We (motorcyclists) are not even asking for you to make room as wide as the ocean. Just some space in the middle for motorcycles to pass through is enough. Cars are not the only ones using the road. I say this because, as a rider, I try to be careful but I often encounter drivers who are infuriating," related one netizen.

Image via Twitter

"We are sharing the road. Giving a little space for motorcycles isn't that hard. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, should also slow down when a car gives a signal," wrote another.

Image via Twitter

Shah Alam police have since started an investigation into the incident

According to a statement released yesterday, 15 June, the motorcycle rider, a 31-year-old man who works as a consultant, lodged a police report on 13 June following the brawl.

Police said two men had an argument after the 29-year-old driver refused to make way for motorcyclists to pass through.

The argument then turned into a physical fight, which was then broken up by other motorists. Both men have agreed to resolve the issue peacefully.

Watch the video here:

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